Friday, May 6, 2016

Selina Cosmetics Body Soufflé - Is it moisturizer or yummy food?

Hi Everyone! Happy long weekend, Indonesian beauties^^

Weekend means me time, pampering time. Hohoo.. I have recommendation of a new beauty product. It’s called SELINA.

Hmm.. what is Selina?
Maybe you don’t know about the brand, coz it’s really brand new, but you probably know her brother product, HG ® Shampoo & Hair Tonic and HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic for Women.

So, Selina is inspired from Skinfood which was a trend in Korea. With the concept of “France Cosmetics”. Selina is a Body Soufflé. The texture is lotion and body butter in between. Selina enriched with vitamin E and shea butter that serves as extra moisturizing and protecting the skin from exposure to environmental oxidants. The unique perfume also become the Unique Selling Point of Selina. Selina comes with four unique variant, namely Selina Body Soufflé Red Velvet, Selina Body Soufflé Strawberry Cheese Cake, Selina Blueberry Cheese Body Soufflé and Selina Body Soufflé Cake Cookie & Cream.

I got the chance to try Selina Body Soufflé Red Velvet and Body Soufflé Cake Cookie & Cream.

These are mine. Looks like ice cream cup, don't you think?
If I don't know these are beauty product, I'm sure I will think of dessert!

Selina Body Soufflé was wrapped with unique box packaging. Just even more look like snack!

This is the Body Soufflé's texture and consistency. It's liquid, also a bit creamy but not too greasy on skin.
There are few soft grain on the texture. They're melt away when you rub it to your skin.

I really pleasant with the very soft and light texture of the Body Soufflé. Makes my skin smooth and soft. Can apply anytime without feeling heavy or greasy. 
The big difference of this product among the other moisturizer is its unique smell.
Mine, Body Soufflé cookies and cream smells like mint ice cream. Love it, really want to eat some everytime applying it! 
Another one Body Soufflé red velvet smells like sweet cake. I don't really like, cause it's too sweet for me.

Absolutely curious about Selina Body Soufflé Strawberry Cheese Cake and Blueberry Cheese Body Soufflé ones (:

You can get Selina at Beauty in U store (Mall of Indonesia) and Tokopedia.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Giordani Gold Luminous Cream Eye Shadow in Taupe Review

Hi again, folks!
Before, despite all the incident that happened in Jakarta few days ago, I really wish that you all are fine.

And now, do you still remember Oriflame? that Swedish brand?
Back from years ago, I often ordered Oriflame's products from my school friends. There were always school friends who being agent for Oriflame. It had been a long long time from my school ages till this present time for me to use their products again. My office friends are now the agents. So I get so easily order. hehe..

This one actually a present from my boss. It's Giordani Gold Luminous Cream Eye Shadow in Taupe.

The eye shadow comes with small brush inside the package.

So, this is the cream eye shadow looks like. It contains glitter, but not too glittery.

After application, the colour looks a bit grey and a bit purple. Such unique color for me.
The consistency is a bit sheer, so I have apply few layers to get it solid.

This is my full eye make up with Giordani Gold Luminous Cream Eye Shadow in Taupe. Pretty, right? (:
It gives me upgrade look without too much effort.

The color is just pretty. It can be used for glamour or simple look, depends on how you play with it.
It also stays pretty well for long hours. But better if you apply eye primer first so the color will pop up and stays longer.
I'm pretty happy with the small brush given, but it's too small. I prefer to use my finger or bigger brush.

To end this post, just wanna say, stay safe and be strong Jakarta! (:

Till next time!


Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Skin House Essential Cleansing Oil Review

Do you like massage? Ever massage your face? Pampered your skin? You can clean your skin plus pampering your face skin with this Skin House Essential Cleansing Oil.

What is The Skin House exactly? Maybe not everyone of you have ever heard about this Korean
This is few explanation about The Skin House.

The box full of Korean language which I cannot translate. hehe..
So I searched in the internet the explanation about Essential Cleansing Oil.

Type : Cleansing oil
Capacity : 200ml
Suitable for : All skin type
Main Ingredients : Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil

Product description:
The cleansing oil which even melts the waste matters inside the pores.
Essential Cleansing Oil deeply cleanses and removes not only water proof makeup or point makeup but also blackheads, sebum inside the pores and old keratin. This soft feeling cleansing oil is a mild cleanser which doesn’t block the pores, and is suitable for sensitive skin.
By containing Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil and so on which are excellent in moisturizing properties, it finishes up cleansing moistly without stickiness.

How to use:

1. Wash your hands cleanly and get rid of the moisture perfectly.
2. Pump an adequate amount of the oil and apply it to the whole face.
3. Use your fingers to massage it in a circle fairly for 20~30 seconds.
4. Rinse off the residues cleanly with lukewarm water.

 *For dry skin, use the oil for the first cleansing step and then finish up to prevent dryness. For oily skin, use the oil for the first cleansing step and then finish up with the foam cleansing as a second cleansing step.

This is the test of how The Skin House Essential Cleansing Oil remove eyeshadow on skin.

1. Full eyeshadow
2. I get a drop of essential cleansing oil (it consistency is more fluid than baby oil) and rub it to the eyeshadow
3. remove the residue with cotton. Voila! clean skin

And this is how I remove eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara on my eyes.

1. Pump amount of oil on the cotton, lightly press the cotton to eye and wait for few second before remove the eyeshadow
2. First rub
3. Second and few rub
4. Voila, clean eye area!

When I have full make up to be removed, I follow the instruction from internet. I massage the oil to whole face for 1-2 minutes, then remove the residue with cotton.

This Essential Cleansing Oil is absolutely great to remove dirt and makeup. My skin feel moist, soft and nice after the cleansing. The sebum and blackheads also lessen.
What a good thing to experiencing a new way to cleanse my face^^

You can find The Skin House at:
- Beauty in U store GF #D19 at Mall of Indonesia
- Centro Summarecon Mal Serpong
- Centro Galaxy Mall Surabaya
- Zalora
- Lazada

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Natur Hair Experience "Alami Lebih Baik"

Do you know that your hair products can actually save the environment?

Yes, you can save environment and have pretty healthy hair also with Natur hair products.
Last week Natur had an event in Prestige Hair & Beauty Salon, Kemang to re-launch their products and to introduce Luna Maya as their new ambassador. This event was called "Natur Hair Experience" and they invited media, beauty bloggers and mangrove volunteers.


Before we were entered the main event, we got our hair wash and blow by Prestige's team with Natur variant products.

First after registration, I had a hair check.This check is to know my hair type and condition.

Based on the checking, my hair type is oily (which surprised me coz forever I knew, my hair is dry. I never had problems with oil on my hair. I think the weather, my meal and everything made my hair become oily). So the therapist suggest me to eat less spicy and oily food. I also need to wash my hair everyday. And she also suggest the salon staff to wash my hair with Natur shampoo for dandruff. (The oil in my hair became dandruff)

 Moi while got my hair dried and styled with Prestige staff. The staff there were super nice and friendly.
Felt very comfortable talking with them.
I was using Natur shampoo for Dandruff, hair tonic and hair mist.

These are few of Natur newest products that will be introduced at the event.
Now onto the event! Beauty bloggers got their place at one long table. The other tables are belong to Natur people, KeMANGTEERs and Media.

From left to right, Mbak Rahayu Prasetyawati (Natur Brand Manager), Luna Maya (Brand Ambassador), Mas Agung (KeMANGTEER)

Here, Luna Maya as the Natur Brand Ambassador told story why she loves Natur. She said that her hair is not volume, but after using Natur, her hair has more volume. The ingredients of the products are also natural, so it's great. Oh yea, she likes the Ginseng extract ;)

Mbak Ayu was introducing three Natur new products. Hair serum, hair mask and hair mist. Hair serum and hair mask can maintain strength of hair shaft, nourish and moisture the hair, because we are oftenly dealing with coloring, blow dry, flat and curling iron etc, so our hair could damage easily. The different is, hair serum is leave on, hair mask is apply after shampooing and should be rinsed off.
And there is hair mist with flowers scent to make our hair fragrant and fresh.

Aside from the products, Mbak Ayu also told us about Natur's CSR Program with the collaboration of KeMANGTEER Indonesia. Every buy Natur product it means we give Rp 1000,- donation to grow mangrove plantation.

This is Mas Agus, the representative of KeMANGTEER. He explained why we need to grow mangrove for our future.

The highlight of the event is.. Natur gave donation to KeMANGTEER as a support for preservation of mangrove and coastal environment.

So.. this is the happy bloggers with their beautiful hair by Natur ^^

Natur not only generous for environmental, but to bloggers also! Look what I got from the event.
Plenty hair beauty supplies! ^,^ So happy! Will make review soon. hoho


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kulit Sehat dan Indah dari Redwin Sorbolene

Did you ever try or even know there is moisturiser with no smell?
If you are confuse, then I'm not alone. hoho..

At first I didn't know that this moisturiser has no smell. I tried to sniff from the hole opening but still no sign for fragrance. I knew it by reading the packaging again. haha..

What is this lotion I'm talking about exactly?
I will write the rest with Bahasa (:

Lotion yang aku maksud daritadi adalah Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser.
Apa itu Sorbolene? Sorbolene adalah krim pelembap dan sabun mandi cair untuk seluruh tubuh yang tidak menyebabkan alergi, karena tidak mengandung zat-zat aditif keras seperti pewarna, wewangian dan parabens (bahan pengawet) -> yeah, our enemy for all beauty products ):

Nah, sedangkan Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser sendiri adalah pelembap Sorbolene untuk seluruh tubuh yang mengandung vitamin E, 10% Glycerine dan Sorbitol. Kandungan moisturiser yang berasal dari Australia ini sangat aman digunakan untuk kulit sensitif bahkan bayi baru lahir sekalipun!
Jadi mama, papa, kakak, adik, kakek dan nenek sekeluarga bisa bersama semuanya pakai satu moisturiser ini.

Bisa dilihat pada packagingnya bahwa Redwin Sorbolene ini adalah leading Brand di Australia dan kualitasnya tidak perlu diragukan lagi.

Moisturiser ini juga sudah mendapatkan sertifikat halal, dan mendapat penghargaan Women's Health Indonesia Choice 2015. Wow kan... makin penasaran dong pastinya sehebat apa sih moisturiser ini? hehe..

Kandungan lengkap dari Redwin Moisturiser adalah: water (aqua), glycerin, sorbitol, stearic acid, mineral oil, cetearyl alcohol, tritium vulgar (wheat) germ oil, tetrasodium, EDTA, PPG-2 methyl ether, triethanolamine, imidazolidinyl urea, chloroacetamide, p-chloro m-cresol, sodium benzoate, linalool.

Berikut beberapa manfaat dari Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser:
1. Melembapkan dan mempertahankan kelembapan alami kulit, sementara melindungi kulit dari iritasi.
2. Mengatasi dan mencegah masalah-masalah kulit kering, kasar dan bersisik.
3. Meningkatkan elastisitas kulit untuk kulit yang lebih kenyal.
4. Vitamin E dan minyak biji gandum sebagai anti oxidant untuk melawan radikal bebas dan mencegah penuaan dini.

Packaging Redwin Moisturiser sangat secure, ada stiker penutup di bagian lubang tube (di foto terlihat tidak tertutup rapat karena memang sudah aku buka sedikit). Jadi bisa dipastikan moisturiser  ini belum terkontaminasi apapun.

Ini adalah konsistensi moisturisernya.

Awalnya aku cukup kaget karena nggak pernah menggunakan moisturiser yang nggak ada wanginya. Tapi setelah beberapa kali aku pakai, wewangian jadi nggak begitu penting, karena yang penting adalah manfaat dari moisturiser itu sendiri. Aku suka banget karena moisturiser ini tidak konsistensinya ringan, tidak padat, tidak lengket dan cepat meresap. Kulit terasa segar dan memang jadi halus banget, apalagi kalau dipakai secara teratur.

Aku pakai moisturiser ini setiap habis mandi dan kadang di malam hari sebelum tidur. Karena krim lebih mudah meresap di malam hari. Sel-sel kulit kita pun beregenerasi di malam hari.

Dan yang paling halleluya untukku dari moisturiser ini adalah karena PARABENS FREE nya! Zaman sekarang cukup sulit nemuin beauty products yang nggak ada parabennya. Bikin hati waswas karena bahan ini memang pro dan kontra penggunaannya.

Ini kulit tanganku yang sudah diaplikasi Redwin Moisturiser. Halus merata dan healthy looking kan? ^^

Redwin Sorbolene tidak hanya ada dalam bentuk moisturiser loh, tapi ada sabun mandi, body butter dan lain-lain juga. Kalau penasaran, bisa coba ditengok ke tempat-tempat perbelanjaan dibawah ini.

Dan dapatkan info lengkap lain seputar kulit sehat dan indah dari Redwin Sorbolene, promosi dan tips di fan page facebook Redwin Indonesia dan di twitter.