Sunday, November 27, 2011

Etude House Blackhead Gommage Review

This is probably the post that some of you have been waiting for. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, fellas.. I bought this blackhead gommage because I got annoyed by my nose that keeps lots of black and whiteheads. I want to get rid all of them!

I had been keeping my curiosity about this EH product and one day I decided that I should get one(: (This was also because I wanted to fulfill the minimum payment to become EH member xp)

*Note: I warn you, this post contains lots of nosy pics, I mean... nose.

I can't read this. Anyone?

The directions

It looks like mud. It's not too thick and not too watery. I also feel that the scrub beads are not too grainy.

Usually after I clean my face with facial foam, I'll dry my nose and the area around it then start using the gommage. 
Rub and massage it gently and the 'mud like' will transform like the pic above. After few seconds or a minute, I wash it off with warm water.

Before using


My Opinion:

I like how it feels to my skin after wash off the residue. My nose feels so smooth and slippery. hoho..
I think the more you use it regularly, the more you could see the difference before and after. That's all our skin care do, right? the results only happen for real if we continue to use the products xp

I can't really say that I'm into this product because I used to have scrub soap that much much cheaper and has greater performance than this gommage. The bad thing is, the scrub soap was easily shrink and I could only get it from hair salon.

So, what do you think about this product and the result? tell me!(:


  1. I've tried similar products - not this specific one, but I don't think I like them much - never seems to really work for me~ This looks like it's cleared your pores a lot though :)

  2. The blackheads on the after picture do look clearer than the before, guess it does help a bit!
    Like you said, perhaps with continuous uses the result will be more significant! :)

  3. it seems to help a bit although i don't think it gets all the blackheads. :)
    thankyou for the review dear! :3

  4. Hello Joan! :D I stopped by the Etude House stall just now and I saw this on the shelf. Was wondering whether this black head thingy was worth it or not. Then again, I've also tried other blackhead serums and they didnt work so I'm quite hesitant when it comes to off the shelf products for blackheads. Plus, its quite pricey right? Well, for a student like me it's still quite pricey. it's about 30-40 bucks in my country i think. Your review really made me think twice! :) Thanks! Looking forward to more reviews,yeah? :))


  5. this is a very helpful review! ooo i heard of that brand but have not personally used it.

    to be honest, only you know if it's good for you! haha give it a few tries and see if the results come out better! it seems decent from the review you posted :D


  6. I have never used it personally, but it looks like it worked on your skin! I hope to hear more as you continue to use it! :)
    I just found your blog- and it is super helpful! I love it!
    I hope you stop by and FOLLOW my blog. :)

  7. I never heard this before.. but i think it works great on you.. can't see the blackheads on the after pics, given that your photos are clear and crisp!
    love your review.. photo speaks =)
    glad i came across your blog.. i am following you now!
    let's keep in touch!! see you then!


  8. agak berkurang sih ya, tapi gak banyak. kayanya mirip2 produk lain. aku tuh agak frustasi sama komedoku, soalnya susah hilang :( kabari lagi perkembangannya ya. kalau berkurang lg kayanya aku harus coba :D

  9. wonderful review! this product sounds great! :)

  10. Your pores do look smaller and the blackheads are less prominent! Great review + photos, I've always been interested in how gommage scrubs work. It looks like it does its job pretty well! I just might go try it out (:

  11. lol i've also been wondering about etude house products recently. i've never tried any of their products but thanks for doing this review. posting those pictures are so helpful and brave!! i think the result looks amazing. i can tell the difference in appearance immediately after you used it; looks so much more brighter and less black heads!! i may consider getting it next time~~ wish we had an etude store around here >< bleh


  12. It looks like the scrub made a bit of difference! I can tell that your pores look much smaller in the after photo, so it looks like the product does work :D I'll have to keep this scrub in mind! Thanks for the great review Joan ^^

  13. Hi Joan! Im finally back and Im so happy you're back! I remember when you were moving I would come to your blog and it would still be the same photo of your bedroom hahaha Not that your room is not nice but you know!

    The product seems to have worked! It looks like there is less blackheads and it reduced pore sized. Have you ever tried the strips before? Maybe those will give a more instant result!

  14. Oh wow I do see a big difference. What other products are you speaking of? I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and can't seem to find anything to get rid of them with!

  15. i don't have any of white or blackheads seriously.. but when it pops up on my nose i know what i've to do.. haha ;)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

    PS: Still waiting for hair tutorial *wink*

  16. wow! very good product! thanks for sharing


    Have a great weekend :)

  17. This scrub looks pretty good! I can see a bit of a difference in the after photo - it looks like some of the blackheads are gone :)

  18. looks like it could actually work!! where can we purchase this? i love the packaging too :)

  19. sangat berarti informsinya kalo mau beli dimana yah ?
    kalo boleh folow balik aku makasih :)

  20. hi, I've tried several blackhead remover or scrubs product, but it never seems to really work for me.
    After I read your review and see the before and after photo, I'm gonna try this product! :)

    I hope you could visit my blog and follow back if you do like my blog! thx :)


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