Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nivea Pinkish Boost 3in1

Euhh.. I don't like the color of my lips. Dark at the edges. Once I get tired or don't have enough drink, my lips turn absolutely pale! I've try the routine to make my lips healthier like rubbing my lips with soft tooth brush, use vaseline petroleum and massage it before I go to bed at night. But that is no-use-at-all!
So, when I saw this NIVEA Pinkish Boost at the supermarket. I decided to give it a try.

Here's the packaging. Most of girls will love it cause it's pink!

The product claims to:
1. Restores natural lip colour
2. Reduces lip dullness
3. Protects lips with SPF 15

Here's the tip and a little peek from the balm.

Here's my before after 

Overall rating: ☆ Color: ☆ Moist:   Smell: ☆ Packaging:  

My final thought:
As lip balm, NIVEA pinkish boost moisturizes my lips. It feels a bit oily after applied, it also has strong taste and smell which I don't like it. Still, it does moisturize. 
I don't think this lip balm works to reduce lips darkness like mine. I've been using it for few times, but it still doesn't give me any significant result.  I will keep try until the lip balm is empty though. 

So, what lip balm do you use to boost your natural pink lips?