Saturday, November 15, 2014

Privia V-Face BB Review

I have another review for Privia U brand. This time is BB Cream. My ultimate fave beauty product ever. I always crazy about BB Cream. This product is like my beauty holy grail. Can't live without it, always adore how its magic for my skin.

This is the BB Cream. It has high SPF. Nice right? The packaging looks beautiful and exclusive because of the metallic shine effect. So clever! And the pretty illustration on it makes me hard to resist.

Beautiful dancing girl 

The consistency of Privia U BB Cream. It's pretty thick. I love it coz it means high coverage (but still, lighter than foundation).
Blend blend blend

Noww... for my before and after.

You can see here, my redness and uneven skin tone is reducing. It also gives me a little bit glow.

My face looks clearer and brighter, right? it much nicer and can really see the difference in real life.

My thought: I do love this Privia U BB Cream. The coverage and the color is so nice, match to my tone. Not too light and not too white. The one I don't like is one of the ingredients. It contains talc. Errmm.. Maybe because it contains talc, so the BB Cream smells like powder talc? Does it even related? xp

For you who want another BB Cream to try, Privia U can be one of your choice ;D

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Korean Eco Beauty Brand- BEYOND

Hello hey ho again, ladies!

In the beginning of this week I received exciting and cute eco beauty product sample from BEYOND. First of all, all I see was the cute bunny mascot in its tiny package bag. So so damn cute! After that I saw on the product. Oh wow, it's eco and without animal testing. *Clap*

So, this is the sample look. I posted on my instagram.

A photo posted by 🎀❄joan jap❄🎀 (@joanjap) on

I saw on BEYOND's website, and this is the picture of normal product size of the sample.

1. True Eco Organic Toner
2. True Eco Charm Organic First Essence (This is BEYOND's best seller product)
3. True Eco Facial Emulsion

I wrote that above based on the step of using.
I haven't tried these yet, but I definitely will.

Till next time! :D