Monday, February 21, 2011

Coastal Sunset


Photo Babbling

My life in this rented house has been so sucks! First issue, of course, is because of the freakin bitch internet connection. I wasted my time just to sit and looking at the monitor all the time while the radiation keep come through my head and I got NOTHING (Except the emotion and radiation). My works hampered day by day because it’s so hard to open my emails, search data, images and everything related. Two, I want to sleep and do everything in my own room. I want to turn on the radio so loud just for me.

I want my real house back! I miss it so bad..): I hope everyday that my house can be finished ASAP. They said April is the month. But who knows? Maybe they can make it till June or July?? I feel like dying over here!!

Okay, for the happy times, I’ll say that photograph something is a good way to release this distress. I’m a ‘macro’ person. So sad that macro lens is quite pricey, considering that I won’t be a professional photographer.

I always adore pictures with depth in field. I learn learn and learn how to make the great blur focus images with my ordinary DSLR. Well, I think the result is not that bad, don’t you think? Xp

Another problem after the releasing the boredom and emotion is.. Uploading the pictures to photobucket and then make a blog post. This ritual really sucks to the TOP. This is why I can’t regularly make blog posts.

What’s wrong with this housee????

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Style It With...

Taraaaa....I finally made a blog post again!! I catched a flu for few days, I felt terribly bad, you know, every minute I just wanted to sleep! Aaahh...

As I promised, I post the go jewellery styling for my styling competion winning. For you who don't know what I'm talking about, see it here. I styled the Cyrus necklace with nerd glasses, t-shirt, denim jacket, dark blue jeans, grey ankle boots and little rattan bag.

Wrong light direction

Dont forget to enter "GOVIP10" for your purchases at go jewellery to get 10% discount!(:

Photographs by moi, tripod and my mom


Friday, February 4, 2011

I Won Styling Competition with go-jewellery!

Yeyyy! My other package has arrived!((: My package is a necklace (Safari Collection) from go-jewellery because I won their competition!;D
I had no idea if I could actually win a style competition. I felt so overwhelmed!! At first, I knew this competition from N.E.E.T Magazine. Then I try to show my styling (talent?) and.. here is go! Hoooorrraahhh..~

I introduce you to Cyrus, the strong, wise, dependable, playful and joyful elephant. He hanged happily in beautiful sterling silver chains with his fella, little red heart. I love Cyrus' blue color and the 'based origami' shape. So lovely!

So the competition rules are simple, I had to pick my favorite Safari (I picked Cyrus the elephant) then I should tell go what I will style the piece with. So, I told them that I will style Cyrus with....... Wait until I post the styling! Do you curiouss?? Actually, me too. haha..

Now, let me pamper you with the piece. You know what, I love how the way go contacted me. Charmaine is soooooo nice! She always give me the update from the winning news- shipping. She also packed Cyrus along with origami piece so I can fold heart origami. I'm in llloooovvvve with Cyrus. He's the cutest elephant I've ever met! Thank you Charmaine!

May I share you the good news? The good news is you can get 10% discount for your purchases by enter "GOVIP10". So, happy shopping with go-jewellery everyone!^^


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holiday Part 2

As I promised, there will be more photos from my Christmas+New Year holiday (Part 1 is here)I hope that you won't bored to death to see these xp