Monday, May 31, 2010

Full Love Ya MV Link and Caps

Love Ya MV by my boys: SS501 finally came OUT! I've been waiting it since the I knew that they'll shoot this MV. And the song came out, the teaser, the 2nd teaser came out, then TODAY! I was waiting the uploaded MV like CRAZY!
And, here we are, the caps and the link.. ENJOY..:))

You can click here to see the HQ Love Ya MV. this is uploaded by WeloveSS501 [the video by Mnet]

The caps all made by dreamy princess. So, please give the proper credit if you'll take this caps..gomawoo..:))

~Kim Hyun Jun~

~Park Jung Min~

~Kim Kyu Jong~

~Heo Young Saeng~

And, finally, my shillang..~Kim Hyun Joong oppa~ ♥
Because he's a leader and was in pain during did this MV, and since he's my shillang, I gave him biggest portion in here.. hehehe:DD


Arang 22

Few weeks ago, I went around Kebayoran Baru, and find this Korean restaurant called Arang 22. This place will gave you an atmosphere of real Korean restaurant in Korea. :) So many Korean live in Kebayoran Baru, so, this place will fill by Korean, of course..


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Addiction to Korean snacks (or just the it's package??)XDD

My addiction to Korea can not be stopped!!>,<
I really like their snacks package, so I want to share few of Korean snacks I've ever eat.. I always keep the package and save it to my scrapbook..
Love Love Love it so MUCH!!


SS501 new mini album DESTINATION lyrics romanized

Here we are.. Destination mini album by SS501 has come, and this is the romanized lyrics of the tracks..^^

Track 1~ Let me be the one (그게 너라고)
Track 2~ Love Ya (Title Song)
Track 3~ Crazy for you
Track 4~ 영원토록(Is eternal or Forever) - Lyrics by Young Saeng

~all romanized and design by Dreamy Princess~

Because Crazy 4 U is a remake from the previous album, so I just gave lyrics that really new from this album..:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mazee @ FX

These photographs should be posted a few months ago,right at the chinese new year on February 14, but because I'm very busy these past few months, so I can post it now..

I had lunch to celebrate our Chinese New Year at Samudra with my family. Right after it, we went to FX to try the Atmosfear Slide. Unluckily, the slide was closed because of the maintanance. So, we visited Mazee, at f6. This area was so much cool and unique..This area should be filled with many shops, but it was still not so many stores open. But the decorations for the prospective shops are so cutee...

P.s: in these photos, I look so much chubby!>,<


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Herpes Zoster

Damn! I got a virus that made me have a much pain and itchy..>,<
the doctor said that the disease named herpes zoster. I had a red mark in the back and I didn't feel good. It doesn't feel good. And I feel so much pain when I have to walk, move and sit.. Ouchh...