Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank you

It's 4 years already. This time, I have to go. It's time. No more and no less. Just like the same old saying, If there's a meeting, then there's a goodbye. I hate with this saying. But this is true. Everywhere we go, we'll always meet this. No escape, and you can hide.

Thank you. Thank you maybe won't describe much about our relationship. A thousand, even a gazilion thank you won't be able to describe and represent my feelings. But, this is all I wanna say..

I can't believe that the time flies so fast, I even feel ready yet. I still want to be with you. My 4 years friends and also forever friends. I still remember my early years in our boarding house, Me, a girl with stubborn and insensitive genes, didn't know how to make a real bonding. I knew that I was a really selfish thing and I'm a person who didn't know how to express feeling to others. People might think that I was an ignorant, maybe till now, but I really couldn't express my feeling sometimes. I feel too embarrased to do that. Real weird.

But, I learned and always learn it. This is because of you all. I'm not myself today if
it were not because of you guys. I'm so grateful that God allowed us to meet. I'm one of the luckiest girlfriend. You, always made me happy, you always love me, believe in me, care to me. Even sometimes I feel sad, angry, dislike and don't agree with you guys, believe me, I will forget it all like never happened. Yea, I will still have a bad feeling for you, but just a VERYYYY verryyy Liiitttlllleeeee pieces.... xp I know that you have the same bad feeling about me. I'm far far away from being the best friend, but I tried the best that I can. I hope that I ever made a happy plot in our story. And when it's time to leave, I could make a happy ending story for you.

In four years, a lot of things happened when we were together. We smile, we laugh, we made fun together, we were crazy together, we angry, we cried, we mad, we hate, we love, we hang out, we dance, we sing, we scream..see, a lot of things we've been through TOGETHER. I'll never forget this. Even if I got a alzheimer or kind of things, I'll try hard not to forget. I love you very much, I don't even wanna leave. But I can't. We all can't. Even children and parents must be seperated one day. So, when it's time to leave, I'll leave.

So, once again, thank you for being my friends, my sisters, my most important people in my life..
♥ Julia
♥ Momo
♥ Dini
♥ Silvi
♥ Dea
♥ Elvy
♥ Via
♥ Tasya
♥ Anas
♥ Sisca
♥ Vany
♥ Linda

Goodbye, we'll meet again for sure:)
Friendship lives forever!


Playlist #1

This is the first time I share you all about my favorite playlist. Not all are the newest songs, but I hope that you'll like it:)

In For the Kill ~ La Roux
Neighbours Know My Name ~ Trey Songz
Stepping Stone ~ Duffy
Touch ~ Natasha Bedingfield
The Club is Alive ~ JLS
Hard ~ Rihanna
Around the Bend ~ The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
We Dance On (Soundtrack from Street Dance 3D) ~ N-Dubz ft. Bodyrox



Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Miss Pandora

I know that almost all of you must have known about this girl and her blog Pandora. I still wanna put it here anyway, because I adore her so much. She's always been my inspiration.
She's Louise Ebel, a girl from Paris who's studying Art History.
I first know her from her friend who also a blogger (who's I adore too), Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl.

What I love about her is the classic, classy, romantic, softness, artsy and prettiness she has. She's studying art. And history. The combination is so perfect in her. She's really like a girl from the painting that come out to the reality, plus her curly silky hair.
Not much people are suitable to wear a glasses, but she is. The glasses add the uniqueness of her. Quirky. I even want to have the same glasses she's wearing..:)

Altough she looks almost perfect in screen, apparently she feels uncomfortable with herself sometimes. Mostly about her transparent skin (I think that your skin is fairly beautiful, dear)

Here here the pictures of her that became my favorites..

~Louise Ebel~

photo by Alix

photo by Pauline Darley

This looks like a living doll..

photo by Pauline Darley

photo by Pauline Darley

photo by Pauline Darley

Photo by Agnès Faravel

photo by Pauline Darley

Photo by Team Peter Stigter and Mr. Newton

photo by Pauline Darley

Love the hair!!
photo by Pauline Darley

(pictures taken with the permission of Louise Ebel)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Dream House~Ma maison de rêve

I said in the header, in the title, in the address that I'm a dreamy Princess. But, I never posted about my dreams in this blog. So, I wanna share about my dream house first.

And these are some pictures of the some houses which I love the design so much!

First, is the entrance. I always wonder what it's like to live in a castle and to be a Royal Princess. But, this house seems very fantasy like. So, forget it!

Second, is the garage. Well, it's so modern and high tech. Really do not suitable for the house which looks like a castle. But I love this thing! Wish I can have it:)

Then, in the garden, I have to have this little house. This is a house for dogs. Guess this is belong to Paris?

Then, I would love to have a garden house. I could spare so so many time here when I get bored..Isn't it lovely?><

The side house! another modern look xD

And, the essential room that every house should have is a bedroom. I have two kinds of room designs that I like. Minimalism and country style.

This one is the room in the beach house. I love the color!!!!

My dream since I was a little girl! Must have thing in my future room xDD

I think this is more suitable for my future daughter

Ooohhh... And don't forget about the closet! I really really eagerly want to have a walking closet. Just for me! and my outfits.. Look! the mini me want to get dress:)

This is my working area. I shoud have my own private desk to do all of my things right?:D

I really hope that I will have a view like this in my house someday!!

Please, please don't blame me for asking this super expensive thing in my house. Can't help it!!!

(photos via The Architecture Blog, Maluna, and the other blogs)