Friday, October 21, 2011

Blue, Green and Yellow Domination

It's been a LONG time since the last time I posted my photography thing. I just now get a chance to post some. Lately I posted more about beauty review, but I promise that I'll never forget to post some photographs, coz this is my pride xp
 Well, actually I took the pics long about 2 months ago at a hotel in Yogyakarta while I had a business trip with office. I really love the colors on them, so I think I have to share these to you and hope you like....^^

Quite refresh your eyes a bit, right? Or not? Umm..well, just wait for my next photographs then.. (which I don't know when and what to shoot xpp) 

*unrelated post* 

Guys, just want to share with you.. I feel that my English skill is getting worse.
I think it's because I don't blog much for the past 3 months? T^T or because I no longer frequently watch American movies as much as before? Whatever the problem is, I have to catch up and brush up my skill again. I'm sorry if I write you in bad bad grammar. I hope I can write better(: 



Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Won O.P.I and Here Are The Swatches

As I promised, now I'm sharing you the prize from Stella Lee and Dunia Kutek because I won their 2nd prize of O.P.I. Hurraahh! Thank you so much guys!! I was so excited about what colors I would get (Who doesn't love surprise?? -Well, except Oprah. I still don't know the reason she always avoids surprise. Anyone?). Back to the O.P.I, my excitement became a joy when the package finally popped out in my study desk. So, I got 5 nail polishes with beautiful colors. Silver Shatter, Zom-Body To Love, Nail Envy, and 2 minis which I don't know the name, so let's just name them Mini Black and Mini Glittery Pink. I love love love what I received ;DD

At first I tried the silver shatter mixed with Zom-Body To Love. They didn't match at all. I didn't know what Zom-Body To Love was. I just thought that it must be because of the color-looks like monster's hand or frankenstein or troll's snot- and because of the name. Then I googled it, and voila! I knew that it's a glow in the dark nail polish. Awesome!  
Then I mixed the shatter with the mini black and they were a perfect match. The shatter polish easily get dry and shattered quickly. It's very very cute! For the glittery pink one, the color is so soft so I try to mix it with my other pinky nail polishes (Will show you sometime). 

Here are the Swatches.
In that pic I only use a coat of Zom-Body To Love. But if you want to get the glow in the dark effect, put some more coats. In other words, let me make some conclusions: 
1. Silver Shatter: Quickly shattered and dry. Will be a perfect match with dark colors. 
2. Zom-Body To Love: Glow in the dark. Try to put some coats, so in the day light you can see it green. 
3. Mini Black: Put 2 or more coats to achieve dark solid black. 
4. Mini Glittery Pink: Soft color, solid glitter. 
5. Nail Envy: Claims to be a nail straightener, good for top coat. 

I'm absolutely love this giveaway. So, don't forget to visit both Stella's blog and Dunia Kutek's website and blog. Gotta love their beauty thingy (: 

Till next time, nail lovers!}

Monday, October 10, 2011

Special Makover from Carnellin and L'Oreal Professionnel

Calling all bloggers who want their hair look fabulous. Carnellin from While You on Earth blog and L'Oreal Professionnel are looking for 3 bloggers to have a hair makeover. YEYY!! You can choose style or texture you want. These are the choices:
1. INOA hair color
2. Korean Wave by Dulcia Advanced
3. Japanese Smoothing by X-Tenso Moisturist
PLUS each winners will be given L'Oreal Professionnel products worth Rp. 500K from Shampoo, conditioner/treatment masque and styling products! How cool is that???xDDD ***Carnellin says: 1."The winners will be notified after 12 of Oct 2011 by email." 2. "Makeover will be done in Jakarta, all of you around the world may join as long as you're in Jakarta at the time being, sorry, the free makeover doesn't include your flight tickets. So, go join in! for more info head to her blog here

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Etude House Line Nuance Duo and Styling Eye Liner Review

Last month I was tempted to become a member of Etude House. So.. These are my haul.
1. 2 petit darling nail polish
2. Luci Darling Nail Polish
3. Black Head Gommage
4. Line Nuance Duo
5. Styling Eye Liner

Do you interested to read review from these things? Maybe you have to wait a bit longer.. BUT, now I'll review the Line Nuance Duo and Styling Eye Liner.

The swatches:

As you can see the colors are not that bold, so they can be used for daily occasion. The Line Nuance Duo is so practical because it has contain combination, one is gold eyeshadow and in the opposite side is brown for pencil eye liner. I like the gold color, but it isn't so visible and after few hours the color will smudges and almost dissappear.

 via: google
Overall, both of Line Nuance Duo and Styling Eye Liner are non-waterproof. So you have to be prepared to touch up everytime you have time. Actually, I don't so satisfied with the two products. Aahh.. It must be just because of my female hormones that made me buy these two to apply member at that time TT^TT Then, NO. I won't repurchase them.

Unrelated post, I have a good news that I won OPI giveaway from Stella Lee and Dunia Kutek. Will post it soon (+swatches ;D)