Sunday, January 27, 2013

Batu Secret Zoo~Jatim Park 2 (Part 1)

Happy fourth week of 2013, everyone :D

Two weeks ago, I went to Batu in Malang, East Java to attend company national sales meeting. I spent 4 days 3 nights at Klub Bunga Butik and Resort, which was nice, because of the many facilities they have). Even when our schedule was full with meetings and training, amazingly on the third day, our big boss set a schedule so we could go to the amusement park near our hotel, Jatim Park 2. Why 2? Because, Jatim Park 2 is newest than Jatim Park 1 and everyone said it's more fun.

So, what makes Jatim Park 2 more fun? There, we can find 3 different places at one place. From the entrance, straight we can see Pohon Inn Hotel, left we can see Batu Secret Zoo (This is a special zoo, because there are so many unusual animals compares to normal zoos in Indonesia) and right side we can see Museum Satwa (Animal Museum). And.. there are lot more fun parts inside :3

Here's the Pohon Inn Hotel. Looks amazing, right?(:

Batu Secret Zoo from outside
Animal Museum

Our happy faces in front of the ticket counter ^^ What a refreshment in the middle of meetings and trainings

Okay, Let's enter to Batu Secret Zoo!
(Please forgive me, but I don't remember all the animal's name because I forgot to capture the name board)

Batu Secret Zoo is a big area. It has few sections for the area, like Batu Secret Zoo A (area for birds, mammals and primates), Aquarium, Tiger Land, Savannah, etc. And in the middle there is Fantasy Land which we can find playground here.

This was the first animals we met. They are Nutria or the Giant Rat. (Look at the tail O.O)

This little creature was showing its tongue! How cute is that..Too bad I can't get the face... waw... 
In reality, this monkey has a very very small size. Just as small as squirrel.

Yeyy.. the notorious lemur, King Julien from Madagascar movie x3

Bats. I think they look like hanging clothes.

Beautiful cassowary.

Aahh.. too bad I don't know the name of these unique animals. Anyone?

Capybara. I have no idea why they're in a shed together with the geese 

So, I think that's it for part 1. See you on Jatim park adventure part 2. I hope you all curious. Ciao! (: