Friday, May 6, 2016

Selina Cosmetics Body Soufflé - Is it moisturizer or yummy food?

Hi Everyone! Happy long weekend, Indonesian beauties^^

Weekend means me time, pampering time. Hohoo.. I have recommendation of a new beauty product. It’s called SELINA.

Hmm.. what is Selina?
Maybe you don’t know about the brand, coz it’s really brand new, but you probably know her brother product, HG ® Shampoo & Hair Tonic and HG® Shampoo & Hair Tonic for Women.

So, Selina is inspired from Skinfood which was a trend in Korea. With the concept of “France Cosmetics”. Selina is a Body Soufflé. The texture is lotion and body butter in between. Selina enriched with vitamin E and shea butter that serves as extra moisturizing and protecting the skin from exposure to environmental oxidants. The unique perfume also become the Unique Selling Point of Selina. Selina comes with four unique variant, namely Selina Body Soufflé Red Velvet, Selina Body Soufflé Strawberry Cheese Cake, Selina Blueberry Cheese Body Soufflé and Selina Body Soufflé Cake Cookie & Cream.

I got the chance to try Selina Body Soufflé Red Velvet and Body Soufflé Cake Cookie & Cream.

These are mine. Looks like ice cream cup, don't you think?
If I don't know these are beauty product, I'm sure I will think of dessert!

Selina Body Soufflé was wrapped with unique box packaging. Just even more look like snack!

This is the Body Soufflé's texture and consistency. It's liquid, also a bit creamy but not too greasy on skin.
There are few soft grain on the texture. They're melt away when you rub it to your skin.

I really pleasant with the very soft and light texture of the Body Soufflé. Makes my skin smooth and soft. Can apply anytime without feeling heavy or greasy. 
The big difference of this product among the other moisturizer is its unique smell.
Mine, Body Soufflé cookies and cream smells like mint ice cream. Love it, really want to eat some everytime applying it! 
Another one Body Soufflé red velvet smells like sweet cake. I don't really like, cause it's too sweet for me.

Absolutely curious about Selina Body Soufflé Strawberry Cheese Cake and Blueberry Cheese Body Soufflé ones (:

You can get Selina at Beauty in U store (Mall of Indonesia) and Tokopedia.

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