Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekend Day Out

Yes, I'm still alive. And I am now marking my existence, here. hehe ^^

Won't post beauty related this time. I'm in the mood of showing my hang out pics ;)

Like you have already know that PIK or Pantai Indah Kapuk is well known by its culinary places. I wanted to photo hunt there, but still couldn't find the spot I wanted, so le BF and I decided to just ate dessert.

Been eyeing SumoBoo. My friends are posting their pics at SumoBoo everywhere, so I became very curious about it.

The waiting list at SumoBoo were very long. The shop is so crowded with people. Made me curious even more. hehe..

While waiting, I went accross the street and had my picture taken outside Locale. So western and unique place to hang out, right? ^^

Maybe next time I will try to eat here.

Ta ra raammm..

SumoBoo. I'm in x3

This is what I ate. Boo! Strawberry Kakigori. Love the cute animal shape ice. 
(Too bad I didn't take a pic of my BF's order)

This Kakigori is just a simple crushed ice with strawberry jam. 

Couldn't get enough taking pics with this boo!
Oh, NO!!

Well, I that was my weekend 2 weeks ago. Can't wait for the other pleasant weekends to come. Tehhee!

Till next time.