Monday, May 20, 2013

I Got My Brows Arched!

I had my first experience volunteering for Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia. Yeyy!^^
Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia opened their first pop up store in Plaza Indonesia, 3rd floor. And… they brought the famous Benefit Brow Bar here too! They need models to become Brow Volunteers, so here I was, registered and went to the pop up store to get my eyebrows arched.

What’s so special about the Brow Bar? Even, why we should trust Benefit to touch our brows? Benefit Cosmetics their own signature and method about shaping eyebrows (Benefit also have other signature). The signature brow is called “Brow Arch” and the method to arched them is “Brow Mapping”.

Here is Benefit Brow Arch
image source: Benefit Cosmetics

 And here is the Brow Mapping 

image source: Benefit Cosmetics

Now, it’s time for me to tell you my Brow Arch experience ;D


Monday, May 13, 2013

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

I am a monolids eye girl. I have a very squinty eyes that make people always say to me to wake up (sigh). Why am I telling you this? It because has a correlation with the product I need in this post. An eye primer. 

Because I have monolids, my eye makeup usually smudging after few moments application. That really sucks. I look like a ghost and look haven't been sleeping for days.

So, I browse about tutorials for monolids. Anyway, my research came with the conclusion that I need something to stick whatever I put in my lids and make them stay there. Finally, I ended up finding the famous product named Urban Decay Eye Primer. I was so thrilled and curious about UD Eye Primer. Too bad, there were still not so many online shops provide this US product at that time (I know there are lots online shops that sell UD now).

That reason, I bought this Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Easy Steps to Attain Girl's Day Gradient Lips

Daisiieeess...Raise your hands, cause I know you will like this post^^
I have been addicting in listening and watching Girl's Day Expect Music Video for the past one month. The song is really good I can't stop playing it again and again.

I see that Korean ulzzang gradient lips is really popular lately, the Korean stars are often use this style for their performance, just like Girl's Day on their Expect MV. 
Now, I want to share you how to attain gradient lips inspired by Girl's Day especially Minah's with very EASY steps!

To get the look, you only need:
1. Red lip tint ( I use TONYMOLY lip tint in Cherry Pink) and
2. Concealer (Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer).

For the steps:


1. With your bare lips, dot lip tint in the inner top and bottom lips. Then spread the lip tint, still in that area. 

 2. Spread it away with your finger to soften the edges.

3. Daub your concealer all over your lips. This will help to soften the red color and makes your lip tint stay longer. Add one or more layers if you want the darker red. Stop until this step if you want to get the matte look.

4. You can get the glossy look also by adding lip gloss. Voila! We can get Minah's gradient lips now. Yeyyy ^^


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Museum Satwa ~ Jatim Park 2 (Part 3)

My bad! How can I left my blog for months? Even my travel story haven't finished yet! So, please let me finish what I have started. For you who follow my 2 previous posts about the trip to Jatim Park 2, this will be the last part, entering Museum Satwa (Animal Museum).
When I first saw these dino's bones, I immediately thought of Night at the Museum movie^^

What a collection here!