Sunday, April 27, 2014

Look Like a Korean Just With Your Eyebrow

Maybe you all have ever heard about Korean Eyebrow. It's straight shape eyebrow (normally, people have arched shape eyebrow).
This Korean eyebrow make you look innocent, cute and younger. Just only with your brows, your all face appearance will be different.

This is my face with my arched brows. I had my brows shaped in salon to make them neat in this pic.

I look so bald, scary, pale, I don't like it :p

So, this is I'm going to do. Fill my brows so they will look straight.
I'm using my maybelline eyebrow pencil like this.

Tadaa... my brows after I drew them straight!

I look so much different, don't I? hehehe..
Do I look pretty much Korean, innocent and younger? ;D


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Korean Scrub Treatments with Mint Day Spa and Salon

My Saturday was all about pampering myself!
How happy I was, coz I had a chance to get a treatment at Mint Day Spa and Salon. The other day I got an invitation from Mint Day Spa and Salon owner, Ms. Delphine. I would get their specialty treatment, the Korean scrub.
Yes, Korean. This is the secret of Korean women's healthy, smooth and bright skin! I know we are all envy with their beautiful skin.

Actually, I ever read before on about this Korean scrub. So I was so excited that the subject of the article I read the other time, contacted me. hohoo..

My appointment was yesterday at 13.30. The address of the spa is at Jl. Wahid Hasyim no. 65. The building is very easy to spot because the location is in the side of main road and very close from Sarinah.

Mint Day Spa and Salon is at the second floor of the building. First time the lift door opens, you will see this logo right in front of you.

This is the reception area. I told them about my appointment, and they guide me to the treatment room. 

Here, you will be served by one dedicated therapist. Oh and by the way, this Korean Spa treatments are only for women, so the therapists also all women. 

My Korean Spa treatment consist with three process: Sauna, Scrub and Massage.

So, here the preparation area before treatments.

Lockers to keep your belongings and clothes.

These are things on the dressing table. They provide hairdryer, in case you need to wash your hair after treatments.

This was my outfit for treatment. Just like in other spa or salon, you can change your clothes with this strapless dress and take off your underwear.

Please mind my selfie of the day. I didn't wear my makeup at all that day. I saw there was no use to wear at all when I would get sweat and wet anyway.

Changing room

Aisle to treatment rooms

So, the beginning of the journey to beautiful skin -> SAUNA.
Steam your body inside Sauna can makes your body relax, smoothen the skin and open skin pores.

I took this process for about 20 minutes. I don't easily get sweating. That's why I was pretty long being in there xp

Okay, my first process was finished.

Next, Scrubbing process! the process I had been waiting for^^
The room was all wet from the floor to the bed. Well, I was quite surprised with this condition. But this is the unique point of the treatment.

The therapist asked me to take off my strapless dress. I was supposed to took of my panties too, because in the end, it was all wet! I was too shy took that off, so I just wore it. How can I let people I don't know see me all naked? lol.

The exfoliation starts with a special Korean scrub pad to remove dead skin cells. The pad were so rough, so the therapist just use that only without any scrub cream to exfoliate my full body.

There were so many dead skin cells after the scrub. I didn't where all of it came from O,o. After the scrub scrub scrub, I was given body lotion scrub to replenish skin with nutrients and I got my body massaged with milk to regenerate collagen production.

All process were so nice. I enjoyed every step^^

My skin does smoother but I don't know if my skin gets brighter. Gotta ask my BF later on ;D

In addition to Spa treatments, Mint also have salon with various service like eye lash extention, waxing, full body massages and more.

This Spa is really really worth to try out. Definitely will come back here when I have the time. So happy!^.^

Visit their facebook page to get more info: Mint Spa

Till next time!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

When in March

Today is the third day of April^^ As usual, time flies so fast. There were some of nice things in March and I hope April will does the same for me. kkk~ To reminisce March, let me share you few of my instagram pics here.

Done watching this K-drama, "You Who Came From the Stars". So sad finally it's over, but gladly the drama has its happy ending (:
I like Cheon Song Yi who keeps me laugh and laugh all the time. She's so silly, very silly compares to Do Min Joon who is so mature and cool. That's why they complete each other ^^

Went for my BF's friend wedding. So glad that once in a while I can put my make up on and dress up. Best feeling for a girl to look nice! ;)

Awh. Brown and Cony mug. Too cute to resist, and I got the low price also! (psstt.. I bought them at mini market. teheeee!x3

This is my flazz card of happiness! Been wanting this so much and already hunt for a moment. Then a help showed up. My friend's hubby found where the card was sold and bought it for me (of course I paid back). It's Spring in Japan and so happy to have it in a card. hohoo Got this snack and also Tokyo Banana from BF's uncle. So glad! Love everything from Japan. The snacks are marvellous, yummy, cute, pretty packaging. Just love it. Dang! xD

This one is a mini series starring Lee Gi Kwang (B2ST) and Kim Hye Ji. The story represents every girl's dream, have a boyfriend from a famous boyband. I think the fact dating a famous boyfriend is not that fancy as girls always thinking about. Just like this story. I love one quote of this drama that the girl said: "You cannot make another happy just with your love. There are times when one must parting to give the best to each other" I know this feeling and this quote is awakening me and I think this is really true.