Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Hope I don't scare you... Happy Halloween!! TRICK or TREAT!!xD

Here some random pictures of Halloween

(via Marc Jacobs Intl)

(via fashin)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Holiday Wish List

Hi Girl! My previous post was having a hard time, so I'd better delete it for good (:

It's almost holiday right? Have you written down your favorite things to buy or to receive? Well, maybe I can't receive one in my list, but at least I've made it (Hoping that someone will see and buy all for me ;D)

1. Panda Bear Hood. It's from Spirithoods (you can see it here). Isn't it the cutest hat ever??><
2. Prada Bears. Those bears are so sweet! I can't control myself when I have to deal with bears, teddy bears, polar bears, honey bears, jelly bears.. aaarrggghh... I'm crazy!!
3. Nerd Glass. I'm so sick with my current glasses. I need the new one and I'm crazy about wanting black frame nerd glasses. Just like Miss Pandora's.
4. Reed Krakoff Military Boots. It's a shame that I can't wear boots everywhere since my country has HOT weather almost all the time.. But this boots are gorgeous, aren't they?
5. Mulberry Bag. I NEED Mulberry! Gosh! They produce so many nicest bags!!
6. CHANEL Nail Polish. Nude color. period.
7. Miu Miu look a like shoes from forever21. The shoes are just pretty and feminine. I bet they will look good in everybody's legs.
8. What Shall I Wear Today? book. Fifi Lapin, the cutest and stylist bunny ever. Want to be part of her dress play party..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Giveaway Winner

My Giveaway finally has ended, and I GOT the WINNER!!!!Yeeyyyy....
Can you read the name??? No..?

It's QueenDesi!!! Congratz girl!! You will receive the Fairytale Blog award, blog button I dedicated for you, and the review about your blog here. (I'm sure that I need time to process the blog button and the review(:)

So, this is why I pick QueenDesi to be my winner (So you know that I'm fair enough to judge xp)
Here's QueenDesi's answer:

"future : i think u should post more DIY project. it will be good if you make it in Video (I never try it in my blog but i think it will be fun because we all love some creativity)

my fave Post :
Flanel Book
You're the creative one!"

Well, I never thought of make tutorial in my blog. But maybe I will ;p Maybe it's not video, just pictures to show steps to make something, because video is a new thing for me (I don't even have Youtube account!)
I think this idea is a nice one, though. Because (not to brag) I'm pretty good at making craft like flanel craft. but probably you have ideas of what I shoud make for tutorial? Or photoshop tutorial perhaps? I'm a bit confused! hahaha.. So, just let me know your thoughts, girls!(:

Have a nice weekend!!;D


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Giveaway Confirmation

I want to make a confirmation about my giveaway. As far I read the entries, I'm not sure that it's the answer I want (few of the entries). Sorry.. Maybe I didn't make it clear before.
I asked you which post do you like in blog, this is mean, my real post I posted. So, to make this right, for you who haven't make an entry, I want you to give the title and the link of my post you like. And for you who have made an entry, feel free to edit your answer and leave your new comment under my blog post: Enter My Unusual Giveaway (:

(I'm sorry to cause such a terrible mistakes):)

So, happy trying, and good luck!;D


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enter My Unusual Giveaway

As I said before, I will make a giveaway for the celebration of reaching 50 followers. Yes, make. Just like I warned you before, this giveaway will be so much different than ANY OTHER giveaway ((: Sounds interesting? not? Don't be curious. I'm telling you.. NOW!
I made an award for the lucky winner. The award called "Fairytale Blog" I just wanna make it similar to my blog name. I really designed and created this myself (with adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator), so there will be NO one that has this kind of award.
I won't let you to have JUST an award, I'll make you (the winner) a personal blog button in my blog sidebar, so everyone who know me and see my blog, they can also know you too!(:

The blog button will be personally made by your request. You can ask me to use photographs, images you like, or illustration. I'll definitely design it, so everyone can see your blog, here.

PLUS, I will write a review about your lovely blog. I will try my hardest so I can write about the real you and your blog.

And... to enter and win the giveaway:
1. You don't have to be a follower of my blog (I just want to share my happiness)
2. Please tell me which post you like most in my blog (please write the title and the link) and as far as you've seen on my blog, what should I post in my future posts? What you want to look here?
3. Leave a comment and leave your email address, so I can contact the winner.
4. I will choose the winner by her/his creative answers.

Everyone can enter this giveaway for sure. I'll close this on October 22 (my brother's birthday^^)
So, please join this simple but unusual G.I.V.E.A.W.A.Y! Good luck!!;DD


Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

I'm so sorry for my lack post!! I've been very busy these days. I went out of city for few days, then I did the moving things (My house will be renovated soon), and the other things I have to finish. Aarrgghh.. my days have been so terrible!
But don't worry guys.. I will make a giveaway. But as I said before, THIS IS GONNA BE SO DIFFERENT with the other giveaways out there. I'm still working and cooking it. So, be patient!!;D

Few days ago, I tried to use Skype. Well, that was the first time I used it, so I was a bit confuse at first, but it then went well. I was Skyping with my best friend who live in USA. She recently moved there for few months. There were lot of things we talked about.
Then my family members gathered to greet her and my cousin teased my friend with her newly bought meatballs. My friend really likes meatballs.. Pitty her..):

~Zara dress~