Monday, November 29, 2010

Award Means That You Love Me

I got award!! Huurrayy!! Not just one, but two Versatile Blogger Awards;D
Merci beaucoup MayClover and FleurLapin (Maggie Y)!! You two made my day(:

Here are the rules to follow when you accept
''The Versatile Blogger'' Award ^^

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave you recipients a note, telling them about the award.

So, facts you've never thought bout moi:

1. I’m a BIG sleepyhead. I can sleep anywhere at anytime. I can sleep as long as I want it.

2. I eat less meat (doesn’t mean that I’m a vegetarian. I do eat meat but in a slightly size) because I feel so pity about the animal who die for us. They should die for predator. They deserve to live too ):~Just so you know, I'm not campaigning. haha..

3. I live in boarding house for 7 years. 3 years for high school and 4 years for uni. I back to live in my parent house now. But this is sucks. I love to be with my friends and go crazy together xp

4. I had little Pomeranian dog named Princess back when I was junior high, but she had ran away when nobody saw her.

5. I have a crush on Jesse McCartney. But I never see him on my dreams. But I also have a crush on Indonesia MTV VJ, Daniel Mananta, I dreamed about him, but he was dead, bleeding so badly. Love sometimes can be terrible, right? Lol

(via: google image)

6. Korean celebrities I ever met: Lee Dong Wook and Wonder Girls.

(via google image)

sorry for the "girl distraction" xp

7. Currenty, I have a big confusion about this IT gadget. Which one is the best? Iphone 4, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, or Samsung Galaxy?@,@

Now, I pass it to my fella bloggers:

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Can't get enough bloggers! I still want to give the award for my old fellas. I know the rules said that I can give the award for blog I recently discovered, but I can't help it! They're so nice to me in this blogging world, so I pass this to them too..(:

Especially for Bibi, thanks so much,hun to always encourage and be friendly with me. Now it's my turn to encourage you with your study. Don't work too much hard! ;D

(Oh, for you who have already got this award, you all can change the rules! xp)


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I ❤ Your Blog Interview

Thanks to Hitomi from HitomiNeko Who tagged me to this interview. Love ya, girl!!!;))
Okay let me get start it!;D

1. Why did you create this blog?
Well, first of all, I knew blogging from the TV. I’m not that interested at the time, but then I discovered about fashion blog, and ended up in Alix blog: and I love her!! She’s my first idol fashion blogger. She inspires me a lot. Everyday I just sat in front of my computer and starred to her outfits (That’s why my address similar to her xp). Then I got my first DSLR, and I had lots of pictures because of it and I want to share them to the world. I like sharing informations to people too, so I started my own blog.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Many different kind of blogs. Fashion, entertainment, beauty or just everyday life blog. They’re all make me interested to follow.

3. Favorite makeup brand?
Well, I have to say Etude House, because 80% of my make up products are from them xp

4. Favorite clothing brand?
I don’t have my favorite recently becauseee…. It’s been ages I don’t do shopping. Aaarrgghh… But I have my favorite shoes brand. Charles&Keith;D

5. Your indispensable makeup product?
Lipstick or lipgloss! I have a dark color lips, so I need them when I go out. If I can add one more, I have to say that I can’t leave without blush on.

6. Your favorite color?
Blue of course! I really really love the color. Thank God He made blue for this world (:

7. Your perfume?
I rarely use perfume and I don't use any perfumes recently. I’m a lazy person. Hahaa.. Sometimes I bought it because I want it (My eyes always hungry to see beauty products), but not need it. So, when I go out I just use them when I’m in the mood. But I have my favorite: DKNY be delicious green apple.

8. Your favorite film?
Uhmmm… this is a very difficult question!xp I have so many, I don’t which to pick as my favorite. I’ll mention few movies, but I have a lot more(:
Titanic, Step Up 1&2, The Sound of Music, Harry Potter, almost all Disney’s movies (I watch High School Musical like 1000 times (⊙▂⊙)).

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
I think that few of my readers have already know that I really really eagerly want to go to France. I never change my destination dream xp
Well, I like France because I like the style that French people have, I like their architecture, artsy things, the language, everything in there!

10. Write the last question and answer it yourself
Question: Korean favorite singer?
Answer: Kim Hyun Joong. (I’m totally in love with him!!><)

I pass this Interview to:
My Eye on Fashion
Sachie's Blog
Pretty Wonderful
Ice Pandora
May Clover
Maggie Y

I also got award! Yippiieeyy!!(:
Thank you so much Mei from Ice Pandora!;D

Who to receive:
My Eye on Fashion
Sachie's Blog
Pretty Wonderful
May Clover
Maggie Y

Really want to share this to you: BOO! Do you know bout BOO?

I'm totally gonna chew his fat pawss.. (⋋¿⋌)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

HP stands for..

When you see this post, maybe you say ‘Harry Potter again? Everybody is talking about it. Oh, please not again…’ I know I know. Every blogger talks about this a lot, but I can’t help myself not to post this. I’m so in love with the series, and I’m glad to say that this one is one of the best Harry Potter movie series. Well, I can say this because I’m not into the previous series like no 5 and no 6. That two movies were so lame! Uuuggh.. But now Harry Potter is back! Lots of humor and more thrilling! I laughed and cried in the cinema xp
I give 9 stars out of 10. Really! This is one of the best movie this year. If you guys haven’t seen this, YOU MUST!

Bad quality, yes.. I took it with cell phone. They're standing poster.

I recently cried when the photo was taken, so it's not a nice pose xp


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trip to haunted place

I'm confused. Actually. I don't know what to post xp
So, I'll share you my trip to Semarang in Central Java about half year ago. Me, my friend and our friend from Brazil went to visit Lawang Sewu (It's Javanese for one thousand doors). Why people called the place as one thousand doors? It's because, yes, It has many many doors at one building. Lawang Sewu is one haunted place in Indonesia. According to people who can see the ghosts, this place indeed has many many ghosts. Maybe as many as the doors? or more?? I don't know..

Aahh.. before I forget, I got this award from Polly!! Thanks dear and sorry! >< I always forgot to post it here. My bad...

Long years ago, Lawang Sewu is an office of Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij or NIS. As the explanation from the guide, its crypt used to be a place to turtored prisoners. I don't really know the exact history, because there are Japanese soldiers here (as the guide said) too.

I take photos of course. Not so many, because I'm afraid that somehow my camera could capture the ghosts. ha!

I edited my photos into polaroid style by this amazing poladroid. You can have it too!(:


Friday, November 12, 2010

Links to make you happy

The incredible thing and feeling in this world is happiness. It's so important to you to always being a happy person. Love your life and see things positively.

Maybe sometimes you forget to smile, but I won't let it happen today. Becaussee... I'll give you links that will make you all smiling.. like this ◠‿◠ or like this ^^ or even like this ^^

(I got this idea from Girlfriend Australia-April 2010- Few links are from them too((:)

This site is completely funny, with funny dogs and their funny expressions. Look the effect in every dog if they're upsidedown-ing!;D

Past times with family sometimes are sucks or even till now. Embarassing moments? Oh.. countless! But maybe we're not the only one who feel that way. This site will make you love your family even more!((:

I read somewhere that having pets could longer your life. I believe it! But how if we don't have pets to longer our life? See this site fellas!;D

More links? Just google image it!;DD

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Give these all for Queen Desi

Hi folkss!!!! Here I am again. Do you miss me? hehehe..xp

Like I promised before, the winner of my unusual giveaway will be received fairytale blog award, her blog button to put in my blog, and her blog review. So here are they..

For everyone who don’t know who my winner is, let me introduce you to one of great fashion blogger based in Indonesia. Her popular name in blog is Queen Desi. Few of you might know who she is. She has a fashion blog named The Secret Life of “D” (and she loves Lady Gaga!!)

the award

the blog button

I wonder how can a girl who likes mathematics and being a physic student can also update and obsess with the fashion world? I think the quote says: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ has a true meaning. Can you imagine that a nerd could be a model or actress or even an Editor in Chief? This girl none of what I mentioned, but she has her own style and being an author of her FAB fashion blog (and who knows if Queen Desi could be one of what I mentioned??;D).
Speaking of her blog, The Secret Life of “D” it’s about fashion, her OOTD, her favorite runways, TV series, music, model, all the things that you want to know in entertainment industry. Of course she blogs all about these! The girl who loves autumn and winter has always hope that someday she will sit at front row in the Fashion Week Show and works in fashion magazine. She must be absolutely adore magazine, because she has toooonnnsss of fashion magazine in her boarding house and her hobby is to makes collages from its pages.

To know much much more about her, I had an interview with her. So, this is our Q and A session. I hope you enjoy it!((:

1. Can you tell me what’s your signature style?

Well, i don't have any signature style. Basicly i'm such a chanel girl, i always like
to play with a simple outfit and still look chic. sometime when i was in the mood i like to try different style that i think it was not so me, but after i try the result was so amazing.
This is why i like fashion, too much inspirational style that i have to explore

2. I saw that you love Lady Gaga. A lot!! Do you want to be free to express fashion like Gaga? And what have you done to be free for your own fashion style?

I really love Lady Gaga, she's one of my fashion icon. FYI, i always love to try many new things
and so do with Lady Gaga. Just take a look to her fashion. she always change everytime, not wannabe a follower but a trendsetter. She always put fashion in every video that she has made. She's a perfectionist one and i always wonder what the new fashion issue from her (Just a super icon can make a big curiosity like this). I like to express any of my fashion idea, but to be extreme like Lady gaga i really need a huge of self-confident and i still working with it. About what have i done to be free for my own fashion style, i never afraid to play with colors and patern (this is so different
with my statement "i'm such a chanel girl") but this is fashion world, we can express so many thing here. My style really different with the other people around me. My friend always said "what the hell are you wearing?"
but in the end they can respect my fashion taste, and said "Yeah, your style is cool". sometime they take some advice from me. Have i told you that i really love to explore make-up stuff too?? i should do my make-up tutorial project, haha :)

3. What position do you want if you are accepted to work in fashion magazine?

This is a tricky question for me :) i took Physics as my major in college. i mean, i can't see the equation between physics and fashion magazine. but to be honest, work in Fashion Magazine is one of my bigest passion since i bought my first magazine when i was 12 years old.
* i like to try as a fashion stylist to realize my fashion idea. In the other side
* i like to write "new fashion issue article" too, so i really like to take a part as an Editor. Who knows maybe i can be a fashion director or editor in chief one day??

She wears red a lots!!

4. If Indonesia, your country has 4 seasons or you ended up live in foreign country that has 4 different seasons, what kinda clothes you would wear? The 3 ‘IT ‘fashion items you’ve never wore in your tropical country?

OMG!! i always wish that Indonesia have this F/W season. the clothes really beautiful in this season.
3 item that i would like to wear (sadly i have to think twice to wear it here in Indonesia) :
* Long Coat
* Long Boots
* Gloves (so classic!! just a bride wear this item here!!)

5. Who’s your most favorite designer, and why?

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. the reason, because he can produce a chic-classy collections with a simple cutting (really me), and the oposite from Mr.Lagerfeld is Alexander McQueen, because he's so briliant, his design so futuristic and really undefinable (i will always love him). Marc Jacobs took my attention too lately!! i really enjoy his collection in Louis Vuitton, Marc by Marc Jacobs and "the great" Marc Jacobs in this S/S 2010-2011. Perfecto!!

6. Last but not least, why did you start your own blog? Was it because of June Paski? (Dreamy Princess' note: June Paski is a fashion blogger from Indonesia)

I made my blogs account in the middle of 2009/ i wrote one article about my friend's birthday, after that i never take care of my blog untill i read this article about June Paski in one of local magazine. i searched and as you know the rest of the story..I found this "fashion treasure" and it made me decided to start all over again!! and this time my blog is about fashion. so all i can say is tks to June Paski and this magazine :))

I think that's all, once again I'm really happy to take a part in this giveaways :)) tks a lotta babe.

Thanks to all who has participated in my unusual giveaway, and thanks to Queen Desi for taken the time to be interviewed(:

P.S: Look Look at my sidebar!!xD