Thursday, November 15, 2012

TONYMOLY Tony Tint#1 Cherry Pink

K-Pop and K-Drama do shake our world, agree? Well, at least for me. hehe.. Yeah, I say it because I really feel that I've been seduced by Korean celebrities makeup. How their skin look glowing, smooth, how their lips look soft, fresh and pinkish. That's why I bought BB Creams, and now lip tints. Look at Geum Jan Di's pic below. Doesn't she look so beautiful? (Even if she was just about to cry)
 Clear skin, rosy cheek, red lips. Very attractive.


Well, one of the her makeup secret is she was using TONYMOLY lip tint for her lips!

Lip tint/ lip stain is definitely popular these days. I think it was being popularized by Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics. 

The plus points why we should love lip tint are: 
1. The color is long lasting 
2. It looks natural
3. You can make gradation color!

This is mine. The bottle is sooo small.. (I've been using it several times before take the pics)

Actually, the lip tint comes with the 2 types packaging. One is the normal size, and the other one is the mini size. Because this was my first ever lip tint, so I bought this mini for giving it a try.

Here's the normal size of Tony Tint (cr:

The lip tint absorbs to your skin. 
1. First apply
2. leave it for few seconds
3. wipe it away

There are few ways to apply lip tint, but this is my very basic and simple way.

1. Apply the lip tint in few spots (They look bleeding o,O). The tony tint has water consistency. Different with my Etude House Dear Darling tint that has thick lip gloss consistency.

2. Blend it out with fingers. It dries pretty quick.

3. Apply few layers - especially in the inner semi circle area of the bottom and upper lip - until you get the red color you want. You can also add lip gloss after the last step.

Overall rating:  Color: Long Lasting: Packaging:☆ Smell: 

My final thought:
I LOVE the lip tint. It gives my lips "sudden fresh and bold" look. My friends made lots of compliments every time I use this lip tint, like "Your lips look red!", "You look more beautiful." , "There's something different, you look prettier." etc etc. Wow.. this made me realized that our lips color could make some differences to our appearance. 
the lip tint also long lasting. After I eat and drink, the color is still there, even if not as bold as the first apply. I think it's even getting more natural.

What I don't like about the tony tint and other lip tint is IT'S SO HARD TO APPLY IN MY UPPER LIP! the color hardly popped up. It's like I don't use any in my upper lip. That's why people also keep asking me , "Why don't you apply lipstick in your upper lip? why just in your bottom lip?" 
Well, I don't know the answer why the color won't visible. Anyone knows? ):

Last.. there's the most negative point about the MINI tony tint. The packaging.
After I use the tint and close the cap, the liquid starts to come out. This is really not good. I have to prepare tissues every time I use the lip tint. I quickly run out the lip tint.

But still, I quite satisfied with this TONYMOLY lip tint. It's completely different than using lipstick (:


  1. I love wearing lip tint because it is long wearing than the lipstick / lip gloss. However I find that it's drying my lips after a while. :x Dunno if the drying happened because it was a cheap brand.

  2. Is this seriously used for
    the lips? It looks like nailpolish!
    And Indian Ink for paintings :P


  3. I love the color :) It looks great on your lips! lol I'd have to agree.. after listening to korean music and seeing how they apply their makeup, i have been influenced as well with the whole bright lip thing haha =)

    Joyce @

  4. Hmm no, pop and k-drama doesn't shake my world lol Kdrama annoys the heck out of my world though. But I dislike all mushy dramas, so I'm quite biased :)

    One of my friend actually pointed this out to me, but it seems that in a lot of kdramas, the actors/actresses are always teary and red eyed XD It's kind of funny, but I thought I should point that out O_O

    I've never tried lip stains before, but it seems really interesting. I do like the bleeding look :D lol

    It's unfortunate that it doesn't work well on your upper lip! And the packaging sounds horrible :( Maybe you gout a faulty one?


  5. i do not watch k-dramas and i do not listen to k-pop (with the recent exception of B.A.P!!!) but indeed, i'm loving her natural look! very pretty! :D that lip tint looks AMAZING on you! really natural and healthy looking! i never used lip tints before but wtheck is with the packaging? :(

    alex @

  6. I've always wondered how Jandi got her lips so red and so...what's the term? Just bitten? AHAH.

    I've never tried lip stains before but I am quite tempted now!

  7. Hey, I love makeup. I am using some non brand makeup brush for my makeup but it is not long lasting and brand brush also expensive one of my friend told me to use mac brush set.I know mac brush is very nice but it is expensive. Any body can help me ? Well how is bobbi brown brush set?

  8. Wow! I just bought the mini bottle the other day but was a little afraid to try. Definitely gonna give this a try now.

    x Cammie

  9. it still makes my lips dry even i apply tons of lip balm..


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