Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This morning my lecturer said that it is very important to have a blog, because we can brush up our writing skill. I like this lecturer. I like the way he teaches us. So funny and meaningful. He works at one of big advertising agency in Jakarta. His skill has no doubt, GREAT. He always brought us his portfolio for the examples. The surprising thing about him is that this guy made a commercial tag line for shampoo that was very famous when I was in high school. So, I'm officialy become one of his fan. LoL..

Back to my blog...I don't have so much time to make new entries lately. But after he said that, I tried to write again. Sometimes I just don't know what to tell.

But today I'll share that I can't go to watch the 2012 movie. AARGGHH... it's thursday, but the tickets were already sold out in the afternoon... So, I have to be patient and wait till next week, when everybody isn't so that excited anymore..

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