Monday, May 31, 2010

Full Love Ya MV Link and Caps

Love Ya MV by my boys: SS501 finally came OUT! I've been waiting it since the I knew that they'll shoot this MV. And the song came out, the teaser, the 2nd teaser came out, then TODAY! I was waiting the uploaded MV like CRAZY!
And, here we are, the caps and the link.. ENJOY..:))

You can click here to see the HQ Love Ya MV. this is uploaded by WeloveSS501 [the video by Mnet]

The caps all made by dreamy princess. So, please give the proper credit if you'll take this caps..gomawoo..:))

~Kim Hyun Jun~

~Park Jung Min~

~Kim Kyu Jong~

~Heo Young Saeng~

And, finally, my shillang..~Kim Hyun Joong oppa~ ♥
Because he's a leader and was in pain during did this MV, and since he's my shillang, I gave him biggest portion in here.. hehehe:DD


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