Sunday, August 7, 2011

REVLON Grow Luscious™ Mascara & Blogger Award

Whoahh... I've been B.U.S.Y! Finally I got a job and... there are so many works I have to catch up TT.TT
But, yeyy! another beauty review. Do you anticipate for this? *wink wink

I'm now presenting you REVLON Grow Luscious™ Mascara review. I bought this for about one month ago and I'll let you know my opinion about this product.

If you go to Revlon's website, You will find this info:

REVLON Grow Luscious™ Mascara

~The first Revlon mascara that helps lashes grow stronger while visibly adding length and volume~

-Lash enhancing formula complements the natural growth cycle of your lashes, improving their overall appearance and conditioning with each use
-Get lashes that look instantly longer and lusher and will also grow stronger day after day
-Oversized lash-extending brush
-Ophthalmologist tested

They also give us some tips to work this out:

Apply the mascara to upper lashes first. Take the brush and hold it underneath the top lashes close to the roots and sweep brush upwards from the roots to tips. Apply a few coats to build your lashes to desired volume. For bottom lashes, use the tip of the brush to apply a thin coat of mascara in delicate strokes.

Well, the first time I grabbed the mascara I was thinking how big the mascara was. Really! The packaging is bigger than usual, especially for the brush. I had a difficult time to adjust it. haha..

Then the first time applied the mascara, first thought: Euww.. It lumps! I don't know why I still can't make peace with the lump and stiill find a way.
When you read this, you must be questioning why I didn't test it out before. but I did, and also asked to the clerk why the it lumped. She said that was because many people tried and opened, so it dried easily.

use and without

zoom in

Overall rating:♥♥♥♡♡ Waterproof:♥♥♥♥♡ Volume:♥♥♥♥♡ Color:♥♥♥♥♥

Conclusion: I like how black the color is. It adds volume to my eyelashes, makes them really stand out.
It less smudges too, except when I use the mascara in my bott eyelashes.
The most negative thing about this product is the L.U.M.P and the 'too much big brush.'


Now now... A blog award from Rinny! Woohhoo.. thanks so much honey! You still remember and love like this..TT,TT ~ so touched...

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Well, haha.. considering that I'm now terribly busy and lazy.. maybe I'll complete the rules... later, girls? xp


  1. Woww the Revlon mascara sounds great!!! Love Revlon products <3

  2. cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  3. Awww:( It's a bummer that it turned out lumpy! I usually opt for small brushes, they do help me get every single lash and prevent lumps! Good mascara is harder than finding a true love. Seriously.

  4. i hate lumpy mascara :( u look great with that mascara, joan. beautiful eyes. and congrats for the award too :))

  5. Sweetie! How come this post didn't show on my Dashboard T_T And I thought you'd vanished!
    Glad you're back though ^^ Ah, I hate it when my mascara turns out lumpy >< I then try to brush it out with a Q-tip, but that doesn't work all that well, because I'm a bit clumsy and always poke my eyes.

  6. great review!
    thanks so much for sharing darling ♥

  7. I've heard so much about this mascara but I really wanna know if it makes your lashes actually grow longer faster! Im glad that you like it though but too bad it's clumpy! ><

    I love the movie Despicable Me! lol <-- random

  8. awe, yeah most of revlon's mascaras are clumpy. though. you can make it less clumpy by combing your eyelashes with mini lashes comb =)

  9. Oh man did you what I thought about the first picture, I thought it was a cigarrete haha...
    but thank God it was mascara :)
    Good review btw, nice shots and bummer that it clumps alot :(

    @reply: thank youuuu for liking my art ^__^ I use Photoshop with the pentool :)


  10. Great review! I haven't seen this mascara before, but it seems like recently, a lot of makeup brands have been making mascaras that also help to nourish and maintain the lashes. It's too bad that it clumps, but hopefully you will see some results from the Grow Luscious ingredients :D And I hope you are enjoying your new job!

  11. Ohmygod the mascara is terrible T_T I thought it'd be pretty extraordinary from all the commercials with that Eva actress lady. Does it make your lash grow longer tho?

    Sorry for late reply! Where's your new job at? Congrats on getting it btw! ^-^ I'm quitting my part-time job at Pizza Hut and gonna apply at various places once I move out! Ughhhh.. lol.


  12. This mascara seems to hold your curl well~ Thanks for the review!

  13. Many people will certainly agree if we say that the lashes of a woman are one part of her face that needs utmost attention for these to stay beautiful. It is already common to hear from women that they dream of having thicker, darker, healthier and longer eyelash as they believe that it is one of the epitomes of beauty.

  14. finding the right mascara for asian eyes is soo hard! Did it smudge?

    1. Yes, it quite smudges. I prefer Maybelline Mascara better because they are waterproof.


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