Saturday, December 31, 2011

Simple & Quick Hairdo Tutorial

Maybe you still remember my 'Complete Look' post a month ago, where I posted about my look and hair. I'm so glad that you guys interested about the hairdo (:

I also love this hairdo from the first time I knew it from my cousin. I never thought that it was so easy, because the hairdo looks very beautiful and neat and elegant (please please mind my messy hair here!)
You also can do this anytime and anywhere because the application is so quick and all you need is an elastic hair band.

If you noticed, o yeah, I wore Pj's xpp

1. Pony tail your hair

2. Gyre hair upward

3. Dig a hole on top

4. Put the gyred hair inside the hole

5. Put it inside until the gyred hair disappear and tidy up

6. Voila!

7. Final look

See..?? how simple and quick hairdo!

What do you think of the hairdo? Will you try this for celebrating the New Year?;)


  1. The hairstyle is very cute and simple. I'll def trying this kind of hairstyle if my hair wasn't layered. xD

  2. ooo nicey nice! it looks really sophisticated, lol! something i'd wear if i were to meet my (future) boyfriend's family or something! haha you also have nice hair btw *o*~ happy new years!!

    alex @

  3. cool tutorial. my hair is too short to try this lol :P


  4. fabulous post! perfect for all ladies here


  5. This is easy to do, but I don't think my hair is thick enough because I just tried it and it won't stay in when I tuck it in :( Thanks for the great tutorial though! Hopefully as my hair grows a bit longer I'll be able to do this :D

  6. Totally gorgeous and so simple. Waiting for it so long, never think that it will as easy as apple pie :)) Tks for share this hair tutorial.

    PS : Paws up for 2012, i wish all the best for your life :)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  7. awww, cute :) tapi rambutku masih kependekan buat digituin :(

  8. Awww super cute tutorial ^^
    Might gonna try it in the future :)


  9. This is nice! I might wanna try it out :)

  10. Oh my gosh! What a nifty bun/updo! I love it! I can totally see doing this for a wedding look. So elegant and pretty!

  11. Thankyou I will try this! :) So simple!

  12. its really neat and simple!
    youre so talented!! :o

  13. great tutorial :D

    and we use a canon with lens 50mm 1.4 :D

  14. Lovely blog.


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