Monday, February 20, 2012

Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet

Seems like everybody knows about this well-known brand, Biore. But, do you guys know about its product, Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet?  Well, I tried a month ago for traveling, and I love it! 

I love the cute package. I'm not a fan of pink, but I still, it's.....cute. And do you see those little dots? So lovely, right? (:

The cotton sheet

Let's try! I drew a little line with black pencil eyeliner.

Removed it with Biore Cleansing sheet. I rub it once and after twice, it totally removed all the black line.

Final Thought:

I'm very satisfied with the cleansing sheet. It soft for skin, has medium fragrance and refreshing.
Well, I have to say, it's quite expensive, but this is very practical to use and very effectively removes makeup.

I don't think that I will continue to buy this for daily use, because I use makeup everyday. But I really need this while traveling. I can use it whenever and wherever.

P.S: I used iPhone 4s camera to take these photos (except the first one) and edited them with adobe photoshop express app. They look good, right? (:
The only drawback is I can't use watermark for each picture. 

What do you think about Biore Cleansing Sheet and iPhone 4s camera?


  1. I don't own a iPhone so I can't tell you much about it!
    I never used Biore before as well, but
    this stuff looks good! Asian market are great
    in wrapping up stuff, yes :3


  2. never used these before but they sound like winners.

  3. aku pernah liat ini di majalah, tapi dari reader choice deh kalau gak salah (bukan review dari majalahnya). ini aman buat dipakai bersiin bibir dan daerah mata gak? menarik banget kayanya :) sayang mahal :( hehehe...
    kameranya juga bagus. aku gak ngerti edit, sih, jadi taunya cuma foto gambarnya jelas atau gak. nah yg ini jelas, hehehe... *gubrak*

  4. I dont know about the camera quality of the iphone 4S (bf has a 4 & i have a 3GS) but it looks pretty good, sorry to hear thr watermarks cant be done on the photos :(

  5. I've been looking for a good make up remover wipe, this brand looks interesting! Thanks for sharing. I really love your beauty reviews, am def following you :)

  6. Thank you so much for following my blog back m'dear <3 have a wonderful day!

  7. wonderful review!! sounds like a great product! :D

  8. i've actually been looking for something compact to take my makeup off while going to the gym! i think this will be perfect since it's be small enough to fit inside my bag (i dont like to carry much things if unncessary). I'm glad to hear it took off the eyeliner in 2 swaps~! lol i didn't know about this product. i mostly know biore for their nose strips but i like japanese products in general :) keep in touch <3


  9. Hello dear, thanks for the comment on my post about skincare. The Shiseido facial brush is very good, I went around testing out a lot of facial brushes before I settled on Shiseido because it was the softest. It's a cheaper alternative to electronic brushes like Clarasonic. Overall, I'm very happy with the product :)

  10. ooo yes i have heard of that brand! i agree the packaging looks nice! i think it works pretty well! though i usually skip wiping off my makeup and just use a face wash to do the job hehe wow nice camera phone quality! they look like they can be shot from a point and shoot or something!

    alex @

  11. I was definitely thinking of getting this product from Biore! I really like most of their products because the quality is awesome. And because my makeup is sometimes pretty hard to get off.

    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]

  12. i like to use Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet also for clearing my makeup :) :D

  13. i am using this too and usually bought in a big number. i can buy 3-6 pouch. i do love traveling, i can go travel once a week. so, its really helping me. haha lol



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