Thursday, July 18, 2013

Resembling BoA Eonnie

Just a quick makeup. I tried to resembling BoA eonnie who I have always been adore! Oh, I know. I'm way far from her. No offense. Pardon moi x3
I was just using black eye pencil and mascara and I was too lazy to smudge it out :p

While we're here. I want to ask a question to everyone. What is your passion?
Please please do share in the comment below. I really wonder(:

Btw, don't forget to join my GIVEAWAY. It's for Indonesian only (Yea I hope I can do international giveaway someday ^^)


  1. I love it, do you want to follow each other?

    Nice blog between, i really like it :)

    Here are my pages:

  2. boa always has a natural look that's why i love here ;)

  3. this is such a pretty look resembling Boa! <3 nice and simple.

    Metallic Paws

  4. Simple and beautiful! I followed you <3


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