Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Hour 11.03.26

Aloha everyone! So, two days ago we celebrated Earth Hour. How was it in your country? What did you do when the lights out?
This is my first experience as a volunteer. I always wanted to volunteering but I didn't know how. haha..

I was so happy could be part of this event. Makes me so proud of myself that I can help this lovely planet. So, I got myself to the City Hall to volunteering. I was at the meals section (But earlier, I was in charge of the garbage. What a comparison). Aaahh.. I didn't know that they need photography volunteer..T^T If only I knew... I also didn't bring my DSLR coz I got there by busway, so I was afraid that somebody would steal my baby..(I always paranoid like that xp)

This is a big screen and under it is a big 60+ light that will turn on if people paddling the bicycle beside it.

This is the gate for guests

City Hall building
Hey, that's Monas!

Hall of Fame

Donation booth for Microhydro

Untitled xD

Let me translate this: "Turn off your lights for one hour, Saturday March 26 2011 8:30pm-9:30pm, After one hour, make it a lifestyle"

what a damn light!

People paddling to turned on the 60+ light

Actually, there were a photographs when we posed with Jakarta's governor, but I didn't know who took the picture, so I can't show you ):

So, will you do this for a lifestyle?(:


  1. Malaysia also have Earth Hour on 26th March. Though I am not participating in any volunteer event, me and my housemates did turn - off the light and all the electric appliances such as lappy and other unused things. When its suppose to start at 8.30, we went to turned our light off a little bit early of 1 hour than the rest. hahaha. Nothing much, but I'm glad we did it.

  2. i have actually never heard of Earth Hour....i will have to look into it more. Glad you had a good time though

  3. i participate every year and try to do my best to save electricity because it's not only earth friendly it also saves money as electricity is expensive in my country. LOL! xD

  4. Aww I think I missed Earth Hour in the States >.< Glad to see you're doing something good for our planet though! ^^

  5. P.S. Tagged you for the "through the years" tag xD

  6. I don't know if anyone did anything here for earth hour! :(

    But it looks like the event you went to was amazing!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  7. hi..mind to check each other? let's be friend! mind to follow me? i'll follow u back then =)
    nice blog btw

  8. That event looks very fun, I wish i could volunteer for something like that but unfortunately I dont know where and I also missed earth hour here in the US >< :(
    just started, would love it if you take a look

  9. oh seems like such a nice event to volunteer at!! yeah I usually don't like bringing my nice camera to events unless I dont' part ways with it cuz I'd cry if my DSLR gets stolen!

  10. Hey :)

    Over here in Finland we also celebrated Earht Hour. Me and my fiancé turned of every light in the whole apartment. Funny thing was that we had forgotten about lighting candles before we turned of the lights so we had a fun time trying to find candles and matches in the dark :)
    The event you went to seems very nice :) Wish I could do something like that too :)
    We saw some changes here in the city where we live, but nothing much. Im just happy that some people think about this :) Its always a start :)

    Nice blog btw :)
    I found you when I visited Bibis blog :)


  11. How awesome you participated in Earth Hour! And on my birthday even :P (great picture of you btw ^_^)

    I read about your concert-experience in your previous post. Concerts are so much fun. Everyone is excited and happy :D Too bad your shoes had to be sacrificed...

  12. hello! thx so much for your warm comment =)
    u have agreat blog btw..=)
    oh, I use you facebook banner,,I just asking for your permission =) i hope you dont mind^^

  13. I also participated ! I love the idea of Earth hour ^^ nice photos!
    Also love your blog!

  14. wow..i like this ceremony..and picture..i love idea of earth hour..

  15. waah it's good that there are a lot od ppl who are still aware of our earth^^ thx 4 visiting my blog =)

  16. Oh this is so cool. I was on the subway during Earth Hour, so unfortunately I couldn't do it. But looks like you had lots of fun!

  17. OMC (Oh my cute♥!)

    I just found your blog, ne~.....the header is so cute. I followed your blog. Care to give a little love to mine? :3

  18. I’m into saving the environment and I try to do my part too. In Singapore, we have earth hour on the 26th too. I’ve initially wanted to go to town to see the lights off with my friends but there was a change of plans so at that hour, we were all on the MRT train, wasting lots of electricity. I believe that we can help to save the earth in our everyday life and need not only do it during earth hour. However, it is fun to have such events and how major malls take part in switching off their lights too. It’s great that you volunteer for a good cause!

  19. Looked like a great event! We had an Earth Hour here in the Philippines too but I don't think we had any celebration about it though.


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