Saturday, April 2, 2011

Through the Years Tag

I was tagged by Rinny from Rinny's Beauty Diary again. She always tag me in fun and unique tag x)) Thanks, dear!!
The tag called Through The Years tag. Well, this is my metamorphosis since the day I was born till year 2011. Can you difference what does change me a lot?(;


I don't know the exact year xp

When I was 17 years old




February 2010

March 2010


I'll past the tag to...(I want to see your baby faces , babes!;D)
Sparkle Apple
Effy Steff
Suki Pooki


  1. Aww.. I like looking at my old photos!
    Love this post :)

    Btw your doggie is soooo cute!

  2. awww you are so cute!! i loved looking at your pictures. :3

  3. OMG! Your baby's picture are so adorable. I really wanna pinch baby Joan cheek~ So badly! hehe

  4. Amazing post!!!Lovely photos and thanks for sharing!

  5. Aww too cute! I think it's always fun to look at other people's baby pictures. I look different in my pictures growing up. At least I think so. Hahaha. I don't think you changed much since your teen years. LoL. Which is probably good because when you're older you'll look like you're 20. Haha

  6. What a wonderful pics. Love your blog

  7. Lovely photos!! :D
    Thank you for the tag!<3

  8. you just get prettier every year :)

  9. Aaw this is such an adorable tag :) I love watching old photos :)
    Thank you so much for tagging me, I will do this as soon as I have some more photos :)
    Going home to mum and dad tomorrow and I will see if I can find some photos for this tag :)

    Take care sweetie :)
    P.s You are so adorable D.s


  10. Lovely pictures! I hardly have pictures of myself when I was a baby. I have a lot when I was around 5 or 6 years old though but younger than that? I have close to zero pictures.. Hmmm.. I should interrogate my dad as to why. LOL. If I didn't look like my mom's exact replica, I'd assume I was adopted or something. ;P

    Awesome post!

  11. Wah! Thanks a lot for tagging me! I will try my best to do this soon =) haha Im very bad with the scanner, technology hates =(

    You're super cute as a baby!!!!! I love that photo and that blue dress you have is gorgeous! I can see how your style change though, super interesting, too bad my photos of when I was younger is not as fashionable!!! lol I also really like the one where you are holding the small puppy, you're really pretty!

  12. P.s I tagged you with an award!!!

  13. You're so cute! I love seeing baby photos of people :)

  14. AH, this is such a fun tag! I'm adorrrring all of these photographs. Especially the young 'uns. But really. ALL SO CUTE AH. thanks for sharing, gurl!

  15. wow! nice photos!
    btw, thx for the comments! we all have to be careful everywhere =)

  16. Thank you for your comment :)
    Wow you were such a cute baby :) Soooo sweet :D
    This is a awesome Tag, it's verx interesting ^^


  17. Aww your baby photo is cute! I think you've gotten so much prettier and more stylish throughout the years :D The last few outfit photos look great!

  18. How cuuute!! that photo of you in blue dress is totally adorable!

    The Picnic Girl

  19. wah! It might take me a while to do this tag, it's my finals month now so I will be trying to study lots! Free mags are awesome and there really needs to be more of them! hahaha yes my bf thinks strawberry sounds great LOL

    no need to thank me for the award you earned it!

  20. ello! i used a SLR Pentax camera which is entirely film. it's pretty awesome :)
    cute pics! i love the lighting in them
    ♡, Rosa T.

  21. waktu kecil, dengan rambut poni pendek, kamu maniiiiis banget :) kira2 itu umur berapa ya? hihihi.. foto barumu juga manis, suka sama rambutmu yg baru ;)

  22. Gosh I'm a die-hard Shawol!! HAHA And my friends and I weren't Cassiopeia or Triple S. members back then but we love TVXQ and SS501 since then! Hihi <3 I really feel sorry for the lawsuit thingy now. ;o;

    And to answer your question, I'm a liquid eyeliner girl, but I can live without those makeups, really! I'm such a lazy freak so I don't apply makeups often. LOL

  23. too cute!!!!!!! :D
    and i prefer you with short hair now!!! hehehehehe

  24. wow cuter cuter cuter transformation :) way to go gurl!


  25. ahhhhh how cute love all the pictures !!! you look so young now you can't even tell the difference thanks for sharing doll


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