Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Etude House Line Nuance Duo and Styling Eye Liner Review

Last month I was tempted to become a member of Etude House. So.. These are my haul.
1. 2 petit darling nail polish
2. Luci Darling Nail Polish
3. Black Head Gommage
4. Line Nuance Duo
5. Styling Eye Liner

Do you interested to read review from these things? Maybe you have to wait a bit longer.. BUT, now I'll review the Line Nuance Duo and Styling Eye Liner.

The swatches:

As you can see the colors are not that bold, so they can be used for daily occasion. The Line Nuance Duo is so practical because it has contain combination, one is gold eyeshadow and in the opposite side is brown for pencil eye liner. I like the gold color, but it isn't so visible and after few hours the color will smudges and almost dissappear.

 via: google
Overall, both of Line Nuance Duo and Styling Eye Liner are non-waterproof. So you have to be prepared to touch up everytime you have time. Actually, I don't so satisfied with the two products. Aahh.. It must be just because of my female hormones that made me buy these two to apply member at that time TT^TT Then, NO. I won't repurchase them.

Unrelated post, I have a good news that I won OPI giveaway from Stella Lee and Dunia Kutek. Will post it soon (+swatches ;D)


  1. its always a bummer when you spend money on products that suck. oh well at least you tried it out.

  2. Ooooh, nice haul, the pencils look gorgeous so it's a shame they aren't particularly long lasting!

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of the Black Head Gommage as my skin has been a bit of a nightmare recently so this could be perfect :)

    Joy ♥

  3. Nice swatches~ I have something similar to the duo from Missha too =)

  4. Aww that's too bad you don't like the duo very much. The gold shadow is so pretty! I want to be a member of the Etude House fanclub too haha :D It's a bit harder to obtain their products in the US though :(

    And I'm glad to see you post again! It's been so long! :(

  5. cool!

    xoxo from rome

  6. Bonjour, I'm waiting for the blackhead gommage review! :)

    Vous avez une marrant blog! J'aime votre blog.

    Et j'aime beacoup le francais et la France aussi. :)

  7. So far, from Etude House, I've only tried their nail polish and eye makeup remover. Both are great considering their prices are pretty affordable :)

  8. my my my! the etude house nail polishes are simply sweet! i've 2-3 bottles of em too. One's in lilac I think. REALLY love that colour. :)) does the blackheads thing work? :)



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