Sunday, February 3, 2013

Batu Secret Zoo ~ Jatim Park 2 part 2 (Pics heavy)

Other pics about my experience to Batu Secret Zoo.. Most of all are animal pics, so if you don't really like animals, I think you'll get bored with this post :p

This bear looks ordinary, but it's special (or weird). I watched this bear for few minutes, and I found something odd. The bear walked back and forth to form an eight figure. I didn't know why..

When I saw this animal for the first time, I thought of a chihuahua. This is called fennec btw.
Alpacas!! Really reminded me of that famous alpaca doll. It was my first time to see alpacas, so I  whooing their cuteness for few minutes.
The alpaca tried to make friendship. Sweet!
Oh, I'm sorry to make you that bored, tiger junior --,

This is my favorite pic. They look like love each other very much <333 p="">

Albino Kangoroo
That was also my first time to see owls. I didn't know that the real owl were really fascinating, beautiful and very mysterious...

This creature was eating a bug. First it grabbed the bug, squeezed it for many times, tear it, and finally ate it. Scary..

Fashionable polkadot stingray.
Electric eel
There was a Cinderella drama between those four flamingos. That three in the right look like Cinderella's mom and sisters. hehe x3

Cute little bambi..
Meerkat! OMG, they're so cute. Every time people looked at them from above, they would run near, and looked that people curiously (or begging for food, I wasn't sure).
Look at the eyes. Pure innocent..
I know that people don't usually say that tiger is a cute animal. But you have to see this tiger. Err, specifically, look at its two back feet, and then the two forefeet. Cute!

That's it for part two. Next up, I will post about inside Animal Museum. Stay tune(:


  1. I LOVE animals :)
    There is no animal on this planet that I don´t love... I get berserk and crazy when I found out about animals in trouble
    LOVE all these pictures so much :)
    I think the little fella eating the bug is a slow lori :) They are so adorable :)
    And the tigers.. aaw :)

  2. "if you don't like animals" hah! Is there anyone who can resist fluffy cuteness? I think not! Oh oh oh! You got to pet a tiger?! SO JEALOUS!! Is it soft? Or rough? Tell me all about it I'm so jealous omg omg ><

    RYC: When my mum came in, we just quickly untangled and pretended nothing had happened XD I slithered out of the couch, like "ladida, I'm just sitting here no biggie!". Mum never brought it up after.

  3. THE ZOO!!! man, i haven't been to a zoo in OVER A DECADE!!! I can't believe it...what's wrong with me?! Thanks for reminding me...I should really get going sometime this year T_T

    gosh, these animals are cute! i am not a big fan of animals but I do like looking at them :D that's a really interesting kangaroo..i have never seen an albino kangaroo before :O so pretty! Meerkat? I never heard of that animal before and YES IT'S ADORABLE *_* the tigers look beautiful...nature :')

    alex @

  4. i was trying to figure out what kind of animal that was on the first picture haha they are all so adorable! ^ ^

  5. I haven't been to a zoo for ages!
    The pictures looks great I laughed
    about the 'chihuahua fox' thing :P
    Meerkats are soooo cute!


  6. the zoo looks so cute! i haven't been to the zoo in ages.

  7. aaaaah I LOVE the zoo! That little fox looks so cute!!
    lovely blog!

  8. Flamingos kind of scare me lol :p Or any big tall animals in general. I like going to the zoo though!! It's always a fun experience. I love how you put captions in the photos so the animals are speaking hahahah. Made this post very enjoyable to read!

    Joyce @

  9. haaaa great photos :D
    love to look those unique water creatures ❤

  10. so cute!

  11. the tiger cute level is this HIGH!!

    great blog :)
    stay pretty, dear :)

  12. aaaaa... aku suka binatang! menyenangkan sekali ya jalan2 ke kebun binatang. gemes banget liat si tiger. aku belum pernah liat alpace beneran lho :p

  13. haha so lovely :)
    I'm following your amazing blog:)
    Hope you follow back


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