Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Museum Satwa ~ Jatim Park 2 (Part 3)

My bad! How can I left my blog for months? Even my travel story haven't finished yet! So, please let me finish what I have started. For you who follow my 2 previous posts about the trip to Jatim Park 2, this will be the last part, entering Museum Satwa (Animal Museum).

When I first saw these dino's bones, I immediately thought of Night at the Museum movie^^

What a collection here! 

What I love about this Museum:
- The huge animals collection. I don't know where they have it, and what are they have made. For the animals display, are they doll or are they real animals that being preserved?
- The diorama! It makes the display looks more real, like the original animals' habitat.

What a lovely diorama!

This is the CUTEST animal I found at this museum. kyaa! <3 p="">

Hey, sexy butt. kkk~

This is gross. Yeah, I know..

Because the giraffes are too tall, they have to bend the neck. Sad ):

So, here's the end of my trip to Jatim Park 2. I had so much fun there and I hope you can consider this amusement park to spend holiday ^^

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