Saturday, August 7, 2010

Giveaway from BOrNiiLOVE SPReeS

In one night, I posted two giveaways! Lol..

So, this time, Bornilove Sprees will give:

♥ MAC Hello Kitty limited edition pink lip gloss
♥ JILL STUART limited sweet bridal Double Ring Collection (New Release this year which includes: a pink and a pearl white nail polish, a greeting card, a set of nail sticker, & a cosmetic pouch which doubles up as a ring pillow. See
here for pic)
♥ CANMAKE four shiny eyes eye shadow in pearl white, peach, pink and brown

♥ JILL STUART loose powder blusher in pink passion

This Contest will close at 31st August 2010

Click HERE to enter

I know that you'll enjoy this giveaway!!:DD


  1. Those look like a great giveaway set, but I'm not really into make-up. If you entered, then good luck. <3

  2. @Crystal: Well, maybe you could give it to your family or friend?:)

  3. Thats true, and I have been waiting to watch the September Issue with Anna Wintour. It looks so good, and Paris it seems like an amazing place, but I have heard that many of them hate Americans, well idk. :P


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