Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enter My Unusual Giveaway

As I said before, I will make a giveaway for the celebration of reaching 50 followers. Yes, make. Just like I warned you before, this giveaway will be so much different than ANY OTHER giveaway ((: Sounds interesting? not? Don't be curious. I'm telling you.. NOW!

I made an award for the lucky winner. The award called "Fairytale Blog" I just wanna make it similar to my blog name. I really designed and created this myself (with adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator), so there will be NO one that has this kind of award.
I won't let you to have JUST an award, I'll make you (the winner) a personal blog button in my blog sidebar, so everyone who know me and see my blog, they can also know you too!(:

The blog button will be personally made by your request. You can ask me to use photographs, images you like, or illustration. I'll definitely design it, so everyone can see your blog, here.

PLUS, I will write a review about your lovely blog. I will try my hardest so I can write about the real you and your blog.

And... to enter and win the giveaway:
1. You don't have to be a follower of my blog (I just want to share my happiness)
2. Please tell me which post you like most in my blog (please write the title and the link) and as far as you've seen on my blog, what should I post in my future posts? What you want to look here?
3. Leave a comment and leave your email address, so I can contact the winner.
4. I will choose the winner by her/his creative answers.

Everyone can enter this giveaway for sure. I'll close this on October 22 (my brother's birthday^^)
So, please join this simple but unusual G.I.V.E.A.W.A.Y! Good luck!!;DD


  1. Aww! Truly an amazing giveaway... and indeed, I've never seen it before :) Cute award, wow you made it yourself? That's great! ^.^ You guessed right: I'm in!

    1. I know I don't have to be a follower, but I am, and I'm happy that I can be part of your blogging experiences...

    2. I like the 'Romeo' post ('Romeo save me, they try to tell me how to feel') as it showed your thoughts and the things that were on your mind at that time. I like reading these kind of posts... The posts I would tag as 'thinking' :P You know I like a good read :)
    And of course, I like your outfit posts too! You always make me feel like summer! ^.^ God I miss summer...T.T

    3. Comment: done!
    Email adress: waitisthatmeagain[at]gmail[dot]com
    Feel free to mail me aaaanytime - even if it is non-giveaway-related... ^.^

    4. Creative answer: uhm... done? May the best (wo)man win! *fighting spirit* ^.^/

  2. OH dreamy princess you are so creative :)

    Lets see I think my favorite post was the September 10th post where you talked about your love for Gossip Girl. I'll be honest I have never seen that tv show but your outfit for that post is so darn cute. The red headband, the little blazer over the plaid skirt. It was perfect from head to toe and really showed me your style. So yeah that one is my fave.

    I guess if I had to make a recommendation as to what I would like to see more of it would be more outfit posts because I think you have a cute sense of fashion.

    Cheers dear!

  3. Hey dear, me again, I made a link to your post in the sidebar of my blog, hope that's okay with you...
    Kind of grabbed my basic photoshop skills together to make a little picture, as I didn't want to use your Fairytale Blog award as a pic -- obviously, since it's not mine... Hope you don't mind :)

  4. I am a follower even though you did not request it.I like your blog,its visually eye catching and well put together.I think I would not like you to write about my blog,it's tacky and full of giveaway junk.You have yours so well organized.
    I also like that you seem th be such a thoughtful creature.So mindful and so sweet.I like you!!
    Take care and I would love to have you make a button,thats something I need to learn to do for my own blog.

  5. GURL. This is slightly delayed, but you look SO GOOD IN THE YELLOW BELOW. (Sorry, that couldn't go unsaid.) Yellow happens to be my favourite colour and you totez did it justice.

    Fav thaaang about your blog? Well your layout is incredible, for one. It's so chic and HOW DID YOU MAKE YOUR TITLES SO PRETTY?! I'm baffled.

  6. You watched it twice on the big screen?? Was it good in 3D? I only saw it in 2D in the cinema...
    Actually, I've never been to a 3D movie, I think it would be really troublesome, as I have to wear my regular glasses, and the 3D glasses on top of them. Maybe I should try going, just to know what it is like.

  7. I liked my first signature too!! But I didn't want to make it into an image (to make it look the same on each and every computer or web browser), because I can't get rid of the stupide frame around my images -___- I tried using other templates to make the frame go away, but then part of my header is cut off. And I suck with CSS, so I tried fixing the HTML-codes, but it never seemed to work T.T

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  9. yay!! this is trully an UNUSUAL giveway :)) and i really wannabe a part of this one.

    1. i've already became ur follower before.

    2. actually i'm a new follower..i've already read a few of ur posts and i like everything. Blog is equal to my "Fashion Dictionary"..and everything really inspired my fashion Sense which is mean i love to see all post, i love to read all post because i make an equation between Fashion Dictionary and this "Blogging" include all post that i have read in you blog.

    future : i think u should post more DIY project. it will be good if you make it in Video (I never try it in my blog but i think it will be fun because we all love some creativity)

    my fave Post :
    Flanel Book
    You're the creative one!

    3. Email :
    Facebook :
    Twiter :


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