Sunday, October 17, 2010

Giveaway Confirmation

I want to make a confirmation about my giveaway. As far I read the entries, I'm not sure that it's the answer I want (few of the entries). Sorry.. Maybe I didn't make it clear before.

I asked you which post do you like in blog, this is mean, my real post I posted. So, to make this right, for you who haven't make an entry, I want you to give the title and the link of my post you like. And for you who have made an entry, feel free to edit your answer and leave your new comment under my blog post: Enter My Unusual Giveaway (:

(I'm sorry to cause such a terrible mistakes):)

So, happy trying, and good luck!;D


  1. tks for notice us.. i just added my favorite post of yours in my comment:))

  2. you have such a cute blog <3 <3 <3
    I adore it

    Thanks for the information

  3. wow such a cute blogg! I have to follow youu ;)

  4. thanks for your comment over on my blog! And I don't think I have any tips at the moment for slanting eyes, but I'll have a look around and try to post something this week that might help you out. I'll let you know when I do :)

  5. its no problem !
    people makes mistakes :) :)

  6. Hmm you're probably right about the giveaway... but nevertheless, I still like it ^.^

    I believe the KitKat Senses is new, that's why they were handing it out for free... I'll talk about it some more in my next post, since a lot of people seem to be interested in what it tastes like >v<

    I'm not a first-step-girl either... But I think I'm too old to be shy! I have to start building some character!! :P

    Thanks for your email btw, I've replied to you already ^.^

  7. also, i'm having my first giveaway that you might be interested in, here's the link if you are:

  8. Hi there! Your blog is lovly and so creative!
    I found you through Pretty wonderful blog.

    Have a great day!


  9. Thanks for your comment :D ! nice blog<3

  10. You are already on "LOOK 10", if you are interested, please check and do some comment.

    You can also ask to be removed from LOOK 10.
    Pick your prize, saying AWARD, if you want. It’s for your blog.



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