Friday, November 12, 2010

Links to make you happy

The incredible thing and feeling in this world is happiness. It's so important to you to always being a happy person. Love your life and see things positively.

Maybe sometimes you forget to smile, but I won't let it happen today. Becaussee... I'll give you links that will make you all smiling.. like this ◠‿◠ or like this ^^ or even like this ^^

(I got this idea from Girlfriend Australia-April 2010- Few links are from them too((:)

This site is completely funny, with funny dogs and their funny expressions. Look the effect in every dog if they're upsidedown-ing!;D

Past times with family sometimes are sucks or even till now. Embarassing moments? Oh.. countless! But maybe we're not the only one who feel that way. This site will make you love your family even more!((:

I read somewhere that having pets could longer your life. I believe it! But how if we don't have pets to longer our life? See this site fellas!;D

More links? Just google image it!;DD


  1. Aww that little piggy is so cute.

  2. awwwwwwwww thx for sharing the sites.. i love the cute animals!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

    following u <3

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  3. Haha so funny !!
    thanks for sharing<3

  4. Haha funny dogs, creepy family picture and fluffy animals! Too much for one post!! ^.^

    Yah European architecture sure is something people from other continents admire... For us it's all very normal though. When we go to Asia or America or whatever we are stunned by the architecture there as well!

  5. omg star trek? sooo weird! I would never do it even if my parents pay me! haha have a great weekend!

  6. thanks for these! made me smile :)
    visit me:

  7. awkward family photos just made my day, thanks dear :)

  8. Awkward family photos. Must never show that to my mom. She might get ideas...

  9. Nice pictures... upside down dogs are so funny. Nice blog too. I'm following you. See ya!! Have a nice weekend.

  10. never saw the upside down dogs before!! awesome! thanks for sharing!

  11. I just found a new favorite thing: awkward family photos.

    talk about the BEST THING EVER.

    Do you watch Ellen Degeneres?? Ha! She has a bad-paid-for segment, but not an awkward family photo segment which might be better.

    Thankk you!!!

  12. Thanks for complimenting on my drawing. 't Was just a quick thingy though ^.^ (I think I spend more time lining it with black pen and scanning than on drawing it)
    I was just glad I could help the kid. Thankfully my Sis thought about bringing her the police officer.

    I'm pretty curious about the manicure polish too! My nails are too short to try it out right now, but maybe in a few weeks...

  13. Omg, first two are hilarious XD
    And the little piggie & doggies, too cute! <3

  14. that white cute dooogg I love ittt

  15. Ohh, you like kpop too? that's great ! :D
    Yes I know Kim Hyun Joong, I have some of their songs & I watched Boys over Flowers with him as actor ! ^^
    My favorite is Siwon from Super Junior :))

    Always great to meet other kpop fans~! :D
    Im gonna follow you ^^

  16. beautifull post hahahah :) i'm new on blogger and from now i'm your follower!if you want to follow me this is the url :

  17. hahaha! I saw the awkward family photos book at Urban and died laughing as I was flipping through. Some people?!

  18. Aww that's too bad.
    But to be honest, I don't really like most of the new kpop songs lately~
    I don't know why!

    Kibum is sweet ^^ But I just wonder where he went!
    Kyuhyun is very cute too, haha :)

  19. AHHHH. This is ridiculously funny! I officially agree with you: Links DO make me happy.

    These seriously made me LOL. (aka look stupid, but SO worth it.)

  20. ah thanks for the kind words. your english is not bad :)

    i know many people in the world are in the same's just sad because...i don't know...i never thought it'd happen to be kind of things...zzz.

    take care


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