Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trip to haunted place

I'm confused. Actually. I don't know what to post xp
So, I'll share you my trip to Semarang in Central Java about half year ago. Me, my friend and our friend from Brazil went to visit Lawang Sewu (It's Javanese for one thousand doors). Why people called the place as one thousand doors? It's because, yes, It has many many doors at one building. Lawang Sewu is one haunted place in Indonesia. According to people who can see the ghosts, this place indeed has many many ghosts. Maybe as many as the doors? or more?? I don't know..

Aahh.. before I forget, I got this award from Polly!! Thanks dear and sorry! >< I always forgot to post it here. My bad...

Long years ago, Lawang Sewu is an office of Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij or NIS. As the explanation from the guide, its crypt used to be a place to turtored prisoners. I don't really know the exact history, because there are Japanese soldiers here (as the guide said) too.

I take photos of course. Not so many, because I'm afraid that somehow my camera could capture the ghosts. ha!

I edited my photos into polaroid style by this amazing poladroid. You can have it too!(:


  1. I love polaroids! They have these sort of dreamy effect that I really like. I was considering on buying one but the paper is soooo expensive. LoL.

    And thanks! You're such a sweetie. My mom really enjoyed her b-day. LoL. Will check back to your blog regularly! XOXO

  2. Yeah I love polaroids and other analog photography aswell!
    Someday I will visit Indonasia.. x

  3. What a beautiful building!!! I want to see it ^.^ You know I like architecture more than anything >< Great pictures too, the polaroid effect is really helping the mysterious atmosphere ^.^

    Congrats on the blog award!! It's cute, really suites you!

    Yeah I can't look at the needle when they put it in my arm either, I always look the other way... >< It's a weird feeling to be honest...

    First time giving blood, you shouldn't do it alone, you should take a friend to distract you from what's going on. Then everything will be okay ^.^
    And stay calm and make sure you had something to eat before going there, because a lot of people just think: oh well let's donate, and then they faint, because they didn't take enough precautions... -___-

    Thanks for the cheering!! I hope my mail didn't give you too much trouble ^.~ will send translation otherwise...

  4. Lovely polaroids.

  5. these polaroid pics are so neat, and yeah kind of creepy looking too, but like creepy neat!! lots of character in them :)

  6. nice! i always find polaroids cool 2 look at ^^ nice photos

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  7. love the Polaroids, thanks for the link to the app. I am so going to use this!

  8. such a cool effect! looks like you had lots of fun

  9. i really really like these pictures you took!!!

  10. Great photos! That's really creepy with the ghost stories

    Isn't poladroid just amazing!? I use it every chance I get :) I love how it changes the color of the photos a little bit ♥

  11. oooh nice link, the images are so gorgeous and looks very vintage :)so

  12. Polaroids!!<3
    The photos are beautiful!

  13. Congrats on your award!

    AND WOAHHHH. Amazing! I love polaroids. I wish they weren't so expensive to produce - there's something so raw and beautiful about them. FABULOUS POST.

  14. nice photos! i love polaroid one :D


  15. so cute! love the images :)


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