Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breaking News: another Crop Circle was found

Hey guys! Just wanna to share you a big news in 2011. Prepare for you who DO believe in UFO and Aliens. I believe them myself. I believe that we're not alone in this universe (I always dreaming, you know..)

So, here is the big news.... Two days ago, January 23, there was found a crop circle in a village of Yogyakarta (yes, the place I spent my holiday) Indonesia. Quite shocking coz we had never had 'this contact'. Let me explain with the news from tempointeraktif:
This crop circle appeared on rice field area. Its diameter is about 25-30 meters.Based on Tempo's observation, this crop circle might be real because the rice stems were not damaged, it's only bent over.

Believe it or not, but I really want this to be true. I was because of something called UFO or spaceship. They did fly above the rice field to say hello to human.

Photos via: tempointeraktif


  1. the universe is so big. so many possibilities!

  2. I'm still not completely sure what to think about these crop circles... But you're right, wouldn't it be really weird if we were the only "people" out there?
    Ah my whole family uses Nikon, so I kind of HAD to buy one ^^ (interchangeable lenses, yay for me being cheap lol :p). But I know a lot of people who prefer Canon. I've never used a Canon DSLR, so I wouldn't know ^^

  3. i am with you miss princess, the universe is so big. How would it be possible that we would be the only living creatures

  4. Ah, what stupid people would they be to try and fool other people into something that might be real!! Keep your hopes up! You never know ^^

  5. Yes, it's been all over the internet and media. I'd secretly like to believe someone's contacting us :)

  6. I love UFO :) I want to say hello to them!
    "Somewhere" was a little bit boring... :/ But I compared it with the other films from Coppola and after "Lost in Translation" or "Virgin suicide" I was really dissapointed...


  7. I honestly expect UFO do exist!and I mean..how could they make the crop cirlce? its fantastic <3

  8. such lovely post with great pictures !
    something about the sight of green pastures really calm me !


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