Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Delayed Tag. List of Four

Yeeyyy, Amber!! I finally finished my list of four((: Thank you so much for tagged me. Love you Amber Blue Bird

Four shows I watch:

1.Kimora : Life in the Fab Lane
I just cannot tell how I really want to enter fashion and magazine industry. So, this is a perfect show for me. Just like I enjoy so much watched The September Issue, this show gives me a picture how people work for fashion. Deadline deathly, yes. But I always use to this work. Lol.

2. Gossip Girl
Awesome plot, awesome casts. Beautiful and fashionable Blair, Serena, Nate and Chuck. LOOOOOVE this shoooww!

3. America's Next Top Model
Umm… Actually, I don’t have time to watch the newest episode for so long and because of my damn internet connection. Hold on a sec, Tyra!

4. Oprah Winfrey Show
Best talk show ever!

Four things I'm passionate about:
1. Magazine
2. Dog, dog, dog, Golden Retriever dog
3. My blog

Four Phrase I say a lot:
1. Oh My God! Or Oh My Gosh!
2. Ya ampun! (Indonesian for ”Oh, my!”)
3. Gimana ini? ( Indonesian for “How this?”)~I’m afraid that the translation in English is incorrect. But I use this phrase a lot when I panic or desperate.
4. Aduh! (Indonesian for “Aw!” or “Ouch!”)

For things I’ve learned from the past:
1. Check twice everything that I write (I still forget it sometimes xp)
2. Care to people around me and they will do so. Ignore people around me and they will do so.
3. Emotion makes you non-sense.
4. Try to open my heart and see a lot of chances.

Four places I’d like to go:
1. France
2. Disneyland (everywhere. I don’t mind about the countries. Heheh)
3. Japan
4. Maldives

Four things I did yesterday (My life is sooo BORING):
1. Worked.
2. Tried to ironing, but the iron was dead.
3. Covered the gap in the window with newspaper to block the mosquitos.
4. Watch Indonesian TV shows.

Four things I’m looking forward to:
1. My new house
2. My new room and decorate it
3. My done work
4. Chinese New Year

Four things I love about winter (I’ve never had winter in my life, so I will just tell based on pictures and movies) :
1. Fashionable clothes you could wear.
2. Play in the snow, makes snowball, snowman.
3. Identical with holidays or Christmas.
4. You could make a good photographs in the middle of snowy day (or night).

Four things on my wishlist:
1. Dark blue jeans
2. Iphone/ Samsung Galaxy
3. Shoes
4. Bag

Now, lucky four to be tagged:

1. Bibi
2. Bunnyluverz
3. Orange Fay
4. Roxy


  1. aww thanks so much for included me lovely! I truly enjoyed your list of four! Looks like you have a lot to look forward to in the coming year!

    How about I list 1 of each?!
    Shows- Selling NYC (a dream of mine to buy in the city!)
    Passion- Building a life I adore
    Phrase- Shut up!
    Things I've learned-Passion pays off :)
    Places I'd like to go-Greece!
    Yesterday- Took a snowy walk
    Looking forward to- Starting a biz in 2011!!
    Winter- Layers, layers, and more layers!
    Wishlist-Monogram goyard ;)

    Have a good week, darling!! x's and o's! Roxy

  2. oh yay!! loved reading this and Oprah is the best thing since sliced bread

  3. I enjoyed reading your list :) I look forward to Chinese New Year the most every year too - even more than my birthday sometimes lol

  4. Oh my~ I think we have lots of things in common. :3

    Especially the 4 words that you said a lot..hehe ^.^

    Thanks for the tag dear! ^^

  5. i loved reading your list...and gossip girl is the most addictive show ever! so good!

  6. this is cute! ty for the tag =3

  7. This four things tag is great! I wanted to do this one ^///^ Thank you!!! I'll post it after my exam next week, I don't think I will have the time to do a post before...

    I really enjoyed reading your answers! And I laughed when I read about your ironing adventure :P Oooh when your new house is finished, and you can decorate your room, you should show us!! ^^

  8. congrats on your new house! I love gossip girl too, their clothes is to dyee for!

  9. Love this :)


  10. Thank you Thank you ^^ (for your comment for my award ^^)
    I looove gossip girl two, AWESOME Serie and Chuck Bass is Hoooot!


  11. ok i feel like i have to comment on so many things that my comment will be super long!
    ok so i begin :P
    i love gossip girl too love all the characters and their styles they are always so well dressed and so fashionable that you gotta love them,love america's next top model too a great show! shoes are like everything to my,blogging and magazines too!
    i use oh my gosh phrase all the time!
    i can't really believe that you never seen snow.i mean ok here in athens greece we don't really have snow it snows only like once every 5 years but still never having snow in winter,never have winter? Wow where do you live exactly? i am moving there now! hehehe
    i love summer and hot weather althought to be honest it's nice to have winter and snow sometimes especially at christmas
    by the way i love your blog's title
    xoxo redpurplefashionista.blogspot.com


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