Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday Part 1 and Tag!

Hi friends! Happy New Year, and.. Merry Christmas too. Sorry for the late greetings):
Wow.. I haven't blogging since...I DON'T remember!
The reason I've been missing for a long time is because I was on holiday to Jogja (small city of Indonesia), Bandungan (smaller city) and Salatiga (bigger than Bandungan). Anyone misses me? No? I hope some of you do!xp

Here are my random pics from the holidayy...

Thanks my auntie who made this birthday cake for me. Merciii....!!(:

The best way to celebrate your Birthday with cheap prize. Eat tahu and tempe, maybe with satay too:D

Cousins..! If you looking for me, I wasn't there. I'm the photographer(:

Me time. haha

Beautiful chapel at the hotel

Well, I think that's it for now. I'll leave you with the curiosity of what's inside the chapel and my other holiday photographs(: See you in the part 2. And.. it's time to do tag!

The tag has two rules: Name your ups and downs in 2010 in a blogpost and when you're done you have to tag at least 5 other bloggers. So, this is mine.. (Oh, thanks for tagged me Bibi!!^^)

Ups in 2010

1. Graduate and be a part of WWF family

After struggled for 4 years in uni, I finally graduated to taste the REAL world. Thanks to my lecturer who always encourage me to send my thesis to WWF (my thesis based on WWF’s donation program) because after then, WWF hired me. I’m a lucky girl!(:

2. Realize how much I’m loved by my family and friends

So many things happened in 2010. Both good and bad things. But, bad times really really made me realize that no matter happen in my life, family and friends are the people who will always be in my side. As long as my family and friends love me and know me who I really am, I don’t care of what people think of me.

3. Finally I know the definition of LIFE!!!!;DD

Maybe this is so weird, but I had been thinking about the value of my own life or anyone’s life. I think the graduation thing, and job searching make me looked for the meaning of life a lot more. But know I know a bit about the life God gave to us, and try to enjoy it till the last day of my life.

Downs in 2010

(Thinking so hard to this one, and feel so glad because not much downs in my 2010 ☺)

1. Left my uni life, friends and boarding house

I used to live in boarding house for 7 years of my life (3 years when I went to high school). Back to my house really makes me weird and uncomfy at all. I’m so sad to live separate with my friends. I miss the time we talked and laughed till morning, shared stories about BF, crush, sad and happy things, hanged out every Saturday, go crazy together and many things we did for many years. We all like sisters and it will never change till forever.

(Drum rooollll….) My 2011 resolutions:


I'll pass this to these bloggers:
Amber Blue Bird (I'll do your tag later. Sorrryyy to post it so loonngg..)


  1. Happy New year and blessed Christmas hun! :)

  2. Wow! Beautiful pictures. Glad you had a great holiday with your family!! Happy New Year's btw :D

  3. That's one fancy hotel! O.O I want to go there! If I come visiting you, I want to stay there. Being overwhelmed by luxury O.O And you look gorgeous as always ^^ I like that jacket!

    I missed you!!! I'm so happy you came back! ^^
    Now I can read all about your ups and downs and resolutions. I'm so glad you had more ups than downs in 2010. I hope 2011 will be the same (or better!).
    Haha, I like my flying buttons too!! I've been searching for how to do it for ages!
    Yup my cat loves to sleep. She sleeps all day long... then food drink and another nap. That's my bed she's in btw. Cat sleeps everywhere *rolls eyes*

  4. Okay slow reaction: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  5. Omg that's like heaven!?
    Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed your NYE with your family ^^ xx~

  6. Your Christmas tree is soso pretty! Your house looks beautifully decked out in Holiday attire! :) And that food looks delicious! What a wonderful Christmas:)

  7. looks like you always have so much fun! :P hope youre doing well in the new year! :)

    love, polly

    p.s. i want your camera!

  8. Welcome back baby!!
    whoa.. so many beautiful pics here..
    definitely adore the chapel pictures!
    the architecture really amazing..there's a philosophy behind that chapel.

    tks for tag me, hope i can post it in my blog:)

    enjoy your new days in new year..
    hope all your resolution can be done!!


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  9. Hi hun, I've got an award for you! Feel free to collect it here if you want to ^^
    Oh and I've got a little something extra for you too... :)

  10. omnomnom, yummy cake!

    awesome chapel! It's so modern and open :D! Never expected this to be in indonesia (sowweh, I can only remember how Bali looks like XD)

  11. ^^Sure you can have it, I made it for you XD I'll try to make a better copy of it when I have access to my scanner...(If I can make a better one, I'll send it to you via email)
    Yeah, I like my cat too :) But I figured my fish deserve some love too :P

  12. Darling, your cousins are simply adore. My cousins and I are very close too so this made me smile :) I want to eat on the ground and eat satay!


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