Saturday, June 1, 2013

Leopard Nail Art Tutorial

Do you like animal print? Do you like them on your nails? ^^
Here I share you the steps to make leopard print nail art.

First, you need:
1. Baby pink nail polish, tan nail polish and black nail polish
2. Toothpick
3. Waste paper

1. Paint your nails with baby pink and tan nail polishes. 

2. To add accent, I paint my middle finger with french mani kind.

3. Make Abstract dots

4. Using the black nail polish's brush, dot few drops to the waste paper. Before it gets dry, draw C/U shape around the tan dots with toothpick.

5. Repeat the same steps above to your other nails.

The abstract dots I made were too big. Smaller dots will be prettier ;)


  1. Oh really beautiful and easy tutorial of this beautiful nails design!

  2. This is super cute! I love leopard print, and the colours you used are so nice ^^


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