Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wardah Lippies #29 and #47 Review

Some of you probably already know that I have dark lips. The fact is really annoy me. I need lippies to make my lips appearance better.

I had been loving my frappuccino NYX lipstick until one day, it fell out to the street. Euww.. Okay, I thought it was time to try other lipstick.

My friends at my previous office are wearing this Wardah brand. The color looks good on them and the price is uberly super mega cheap too! This means.. I have to try!

So, this is my first Wardah lippies haul. I bought number 47 and 29.

The swatches


(I'm sorry for the blur pic)

Well, after using these lippies and after using my NYX lipstick, I have to say that I love my NYX better.

The Wardah lipstick is not that pigmented and smooth as NYX. That #47 also disappointed me. I hoped for peach color, but after applied it to my lips, it ended up more pinky than peachy ):

I also don't think that I picked the right colors for my dark lips. So... I won't buy these colors anymore. Probably I will try other colors next time, because the price is so cheap. I won't lose a thing. hehee..

Till next time! 


  1. no 47 kayak engga pk lipstick malah~
    kok bisa jatuh di jalan lipstick nyx nyaa?
    nice review~

  2. wardah is my favourite lipstick, walaupun nggak longlasting tapi lumayan bikin bibir lembab tanpa pakai lipbalm lagi

  3. it's a shame #47 doesn't have the color pigmentation pay off >< the color actually looks really pretty when you swatch it, i like the pink tone. but then when you apply it, it looks like a different color. i like nyx too! maybe you should their lip cream. it is very pigmented if you like matte colors (a little drying is the only con) heh :p keep in touch.

    Joyce @

  4. There was one point where I had really dark lips, too. I forgot which product I used from the top of my head, but it helped lighten it and gradually it returned back to a pale pink color.

    My favorite NYX lip color is FIg :) It's unfortunate that the waedah lipsticks didn't work out for you, but at least it wasn't expensive :D


  5. lovely review, the lip colours look so pretty!thank you for sharing!♡

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  6. Both are really cute colors, but I like it more like looks the #47.
    Many thans for your lovely review!

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  7. OMG! I love these shades! But I like 47 more compared to 29. Btw, thanks for sharing this lippie brand. Haven't heard of it (;

    Anne of

  8. great review dear thanks for sharing = hope you'll have time to check my blog and you might want to consider following each other?


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