Sunday, May 4, 2014

NYX lipstick~FIGUE

I'm such a fan of NYX lipstick!
My last NYX lipstick was dropped with the cap off, so I didn't dare to use that again ):

My latest NYX lipstick is round lipstick named Figue. It's pinkish color. I usually used the Frapuccino one that slight peach color.

My bare lips

Applied few layers of it


I said earlier I'm a fan of NYX lipstick. The color is thick and moist. and the top of it, this is a good product with good pricing. Very on budget!

Actually, I like the frapuccino one, because it matches more to my skin and lips color. I don't think pink lipstick matches me. But yeah, definitely will try other colors next time, coz I love love NYX lippies. Yihaa! ^^


  1. I love NYX lipsticks, I own 4 of them and I'm thinking of getting this color to add to my small collection!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      You definitely should, it is a lovely shade. :)
      ~Pauline @Nyx Philippines

  2. I love the color! How long does it stay, btw?


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