Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Collages Inspiration

I adore Boubouteatime blog by Bouchra so much! I love the way she put all the pictures together into a GREAT and FABULOUS collage. Oohh...so inspiring!

So, this time, I have my own inspiration, and I was so moved by boubouteatime blog to make and put the collage here, to my blog.

I tried to make them with my personal style. What do you think, lovelies?
More collages are coming up soon! :D

Credits: bonniecakes, Gracefullady, hat-s3rra, meninasemcrise, s3rra, projectfun, divinelytragic, ms.dreamer, maryclaire roman


  1. Fantastic collages! Especially love the hair one. Boubouteatime gives me so much inspiration <3

  2. thanks for sharing this lovely blog with us !
    the pictures are really great !

    glistersandblisters dot com

  3. the pictures are great !! more please ? =)

  4. hey <3
    thank you so much for your comment and thank you for liking my style ^^
    it makes me happy <3
    yes, i hope my room is finished next week <3 than i will post pictures ^^/
    take care! <3

  5. You like braids and bows? Very cute and sweet (^-^), I'm sure it would suit you...

  6. oooh these are lovely!


  7. Awesome collages! The pictures you used fit so well together. Absolutely lovely! :)

  8. reply to you: Thank you for complimenting my little bun... I just recently cut my hair really short (above my shoulders) so braiding it is a bit difficult, but I'll sure try the ribbons! Would be nice to do a post on it together! (^-^)/°°\(^-^)

  9. oh my god. these are gorgeous!!! i love them! i'm a follower! count me in! i hope you follow me back~!


  10. GAH THESE COLLAGES ARE SO FABULOUSLY AMAZING. What? What? I fail at computer/tech related things, so the best collage I've ever made has been cut and pasted and glued like a five year old.

    What program did you use? IT'S FABOUSH.


  11. Omg the collages look awesome *claps* (>w<)


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