Friday, September 10, 2010

That's one secret I'll Never Tell

“Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite”

Hey guys! Have you watch Gossip Girl season 3? WOW, I just finally fisnished watching it, and I just wanna say..WOW. It gone more more more scandalous, right?? Well, if you let my babbling things going on, I’ll say that I’m so gratefull that I’m not even close to be one of Upper East Side's resident. And I’m so glad that I don’t have scandalous life like them. What I’m gonna do if I were Jenny, in this case? I won’t survive for sure. Everybody will just hate me and throw me like I’m a piece of nothing. And what if I were the Queen Bee? The it girl, Blair Waldorf. I can’t play a game..not even a little. I’m so lame at playing games. Especially if it related to human creature named BOYS. Sigh.. I’m giving up!

And, about changing partners, because all the characters here seem to have a lot of affairs with the same people I think I won’t date my friend’s ex.

But who knows? Lol.. But it’ll be so awkward if I do that. Awkward with my friend and also her ex.. I can't hide my own expression!!

Even if as I say this, I still want the Paris part. I don’t want to miss Paris for sure if I were Serena Van Der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf. And STILL, I love the Blair character, though. We both love Audrey Hepburn!((:

Well, girls, I’m so thrilled to watch the next scandalous lives next week. I think I want it to be JUST an entertaining story, not to be part of my own life. Then, what about you? Do you thrilled as much as I do? (:

You know you love me.. X.O.X.O..


  1. I agree with J.! I totally love the top and the blazer!! :)

  2. First time seeing your blog... <3 it and u! So cute.

  3. The blazer! Totally love the blazer!

    And thanks for the lovely comment, btw :D

  4. i loved how the top and blazer matches together perfectly!

  5. adorable photos!! you're so cute <3 i love your outfit :) the blouse and blazer are wonderful!!

  6. That is an amazing outfit! Completely Blair Waldorf hehe.

    Omg YEAH they're always exchanging partners. Hasn't Nate dated like all the girls on the show already LOL

    I love Chuck & Blair tho. Soooo amazing.

    I can't wait for S4! I have the trailer on my blog hehe. I watched it like 5 times :P It's gonna be amazing!

  7. wow! this look resembles B's a lot!
    from the red ribbon headband, white shirt and the blazer!
    lovelyyy :))

  8. what an amazing jacket! very gossip girl indeed! I'm excited for the new season too

  9. Oh youre cute as can be & I adore GG style. Feel too old to, but I do :P


  10. hey check out my blog when you can, I gave you a little blog award!

  11. love the outfit! Very cute!

  12. Thank you for following me back *I'm so happy!*
    You look really cute here, I like your style! Great shoes too, first I thought they were flats, but then I noticed the little heel.. I like!

  13. I love those purple socks. So cute.
    Your poses are so cute!


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