Monday, September 6, 2010

Up in the Air

Have you ever try to take pictures from your plane's window?(this is not that you have your own plane.. you know what I mean..:p)

I took this pictures when I'm on my way to Yogyakarta for spent the holiday..
I like to watch the sky, because I'm a 'blue' maniac. A blue craze.. Everytime I look up to the clear blue sky, I feel warm and happy. This little thing could always cheer me up everytime my days were so bad and bored..(:
Do you feel that when you look up, and it's so sunny and bright, the sky was so wide and clear, your brain said that your bright future is somewhere, waiting for you to get it, your dream will be in your hand, all the good things will come to you and everything will be just alright? Because that my feelings for the sky..It's so beautiful so that you feel small beneath.


  1. i always take photos from the plane! But they never look this good! xxx

  2. I love these photos! I have similar ones on my camera still haha, from when I flew down to Cali with my class.

    I will post up the tag soon! xxx :D


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