Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pink, Green, and Brown

Me and my parents were looking for a rent house, because our house will be renovated soon. So, we checked the candidate for the rental house few days ago. I was so bored while my parents see the whole house. Lucky me, I brought my camera with me. To kill the boredom, I took some shots. First, of course the house itself. hehee.. The rest of it, I took plants pictures which was located in front of the house. I always love to shoot flowers or plants like that. Nature always amaze me. You can take a look of my previous nature photographs HERE

My country, Indonesia doesn't have four seasons. But I want you to experience fall in my pictures..xp

(These are dead foliage)

Well, I hope that you enjoy my pics.. See ya! (:


  1. Oh I really really really love your pictures <3 You have talent, you know that? Here in Belgium we do have four seasons, which means it's starting to get chilly... Your pictures (I mean the flowery ones) make me feel like summer again ^.^

    Your house is being renovated? That's a huge thing! I hope you'll like it in your new temporary rental house... :D

  2. I have an award for you.:) Come and have a look!:)

  3. Yeah, new houses always call for a lot of work... We just recently moved houses (at the beginning of July) and things are finally falling into place now.

    Oh please come visit Belgium one day! Maybe if you're coming to visit Paris ^.^ Belgium's not too far away from there... Oh maybe we can go visit Paris together! That would be nice!! I've been there a few times before, so I could guide you around a bit :D

  4. hey:D

    I have an award for you:D

  5. Beautiful photos dear! I have never had to go through a renovation but at least you wont have to be in the house while its being renovated. Thanks again for the awards, I posted them today :)

  6. u have tht talent girl!!!
    really enjoy ur photographs.
    u have to shoot me

    tks for stopping by, i'm ur new follower now :)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  7. I love your photos! They are absolutly beautiful!

  8. haha, someone steered me over here to your blog because apparently you like taylor swift?? SHE IS MY OBSESSSION:)

    I also love these pictures!

  9. Aww, what a coincidence, us becoming 'real' bloggers almost at the same time! (but you've been writing longer than I have, so you have more experience :D)

    I'm sure one day you'll get to go to Paris, you've been wanting it so badly... I'm sure you'd have a wonderful time there! ^.^

  10. those are really great shots !
    i love the texture that is prominent in each of the object you captured ! these would look really stunning with a macro lens !


  11. the photos are so pretty <3
    you are really talented in photography ^^
    thank you for your lovely comment <3
    i´m so happy that you like my blog ^^
    i finished the 1st part of my room make over and posted about it right now :) if you want you can take a look ^^
    take care <3

  12. I really like your photography. Your pictures are like so calm and pretty ~ I enjoy it =)
    Oh and that's nice that like Paris ! I live there actually ^^

  13. You may want to practice more with the macro shot. Those are a bit blurry ;) just my 2 cents, tho...

  14. @Jessica: Yea!! I really want to have macro lens. I hope I can get it on my birthday! ((:

  15. Sooooooo pretty! Everyone needs to see the beauty of these pics!



  16. Lovely photos and awesome macro shots! I do a bit of photography every now and then too :) Ps: Just followed your blog :)

  17. what amazing pictures O.O nature is so pretty to take pictures from ^^__^
    I adore nature :) hehe
    Lovely detail shot, really :)



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