Monday, April 18, 2011

Review~Bourjois Liner Pinceau

Y eyy! First time I'm doing beauty product review. howhowww....x)

This time I'm gonna show you my new liquid eyeliner from Bourjois called Liner Pinceau (32 noir beaux-arts). I had the recommendation from two of my friends who have already use it, and they like it a lot because the solid black colour and it's easily dry and doesn't smudge all over eyes.

The package says it will last up to 16 hours. Just so you know, the pics were taken after I used it for about 6-7 hours. It still looked in the place. Didn't smudge, didn't greasy. So, the product didn't deceive me! I love this myself and definitely will buy again. (ppsstt.. even my mom will buy this eyeliner xpp)

Sorry.. I have monolids xp ~ Hope these are clear enough.
Mascara by Etude House (Oh~m'Eye Lash)

I didn't wear it too much, so it doesn't look that solid.

My current nail art. A bit messy. hohoho..

I use Etude House (RD 104) & The Face Shop (BR 801) nail polish


  1. cute nail polishes. pretty pretty :3

  2. cute nails!!! love the color combo!

  3. I want to try that eyeliner!
    Want to follow each other?

  4. Great nails babe, love red polish ^^ And the eyeliner looks good on you! Ah, liquid liner... I always make a mess when I try to use it. Don't get me wrong, I know how to do it, and if I have a lot of time, I use it, but pencil is so much easier, methinks.

    "Sorry... I have monolids" Why are you apologising??!! I love your eyes! (the lenses look great too btw)

  5. So sorry to hear about your highschool friend. I had a friend who had anorexia. She always looked very pale, her skin was dull and after a while her hair started to get really thin. She felt really insecure, and food was the only thing she felt like she could control. And after a while, her need to starve herself took control of her. I have no idea what became of her, after secundary school we kind of lost contact. I hope she's alright.

    Anorexia is a psychological illness and should be treated with care. What those kids in my school did was a stupid attempt to be cool. "No one eats, so to be cool, I shouldn't eat either".

  6. I am so jealous of your lashes! They are so long.

  7. your nails look so good, I wish I was that good at applying nail polish

  8. wow loving your nails girl.
    Lydz xX

  9. thanks for showing a close up of your makeup, it looks lovely! i am terrible with doing makeup and of course my friends can't help me because they don't know how to do makeup on asians lol

    your nails are gorgeous as well!

  10. The liner sounds really good! I like how you winged it at the end :D And your nails are cute - I love reverse french manicures ^^

  11. eyeliner looks great on !!! and loving that red perfect nails ..

    thanks for stopping by my blog your the sweetest !!!

  12. I love the nails! And the liner looks great on you ;) I'm such a noob with eye makeup, it always ends up a mess haha

  13. Looks like a great liner. But I haven't heard of that product line until now. o_o But I really like the way you put it on, winged! And oh, I love your nails! I haven't tried French-tips on my own, I might mess up my right hand! :/

  14. Looks like wonderful eyeliner! I've been dying these past few days as I've lost mine somewhere in my room. Oy.


  15. that red nailpolish is so pretty! :)

  16. love the colors of the nailpolish.

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  17. I love how you put the eyeliner, I should try the same, even if it's difficult for me haha !

    Feel free to follow if you like :)

  18. I like the nail polish and how you did it ;]!

  19. I love liquid eyeliner. I couldn't live without mine! Right now I use one from Nars, it works so well!

  20. ilove the shade of your faceshop nail polish. would check that out!

    new follower :)

  21. Great shots! You have a lovely blog :)

  22. I love your nail art :)
    I have tried to do something like that myself but I used two different shades of green :D It didnt turn out that very well though ;)

    That eyeliner seem really good... I use a liquid eyeliner from L`OREAL Liner Express) and I love it.. it doesnt smudge either :)
    I just have to tell you that I think monolids are so beautiful :)
    To be honest I wanted monolids when I was a kid... now I am happy with the eyes I have but I still think monolids are soo beautiful :)

    Oh btw,
    have you made the header image yourself? The drawing I mean?
    I want a new header for my blog but I am not good with making things like that on the computer ;)


  23. I'm so curious, where can i get that eye liner?
    that looks so nice..


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