Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They Who Make Us Recall To Always Down To Earth

Back when I was in uni, I had my photography assignments to photographs what they called human interest. We had to take pics about people who live in poverty. So I went to railway area with few of my friends. There were lots of kids live in here. They played along the railway and did most activities here too. Old and young, all gathered in this area.

To look at them make me remember not to always look above. I had the unhealthy behaviour called envious. I make it to normal portion now. hahaha.. Sure, I wish I had lots of money, live in a mansion with the king size bed plus its canopy, had my personal stylist and walking closet and etc etc etc.. But then when I meet simple life society, I think that I should be greatful in my place now. At least I have a place to stay, have enough food to eat everyday and so many little things that sometimes I forget but I really thank to God because he gives these to me.

So, be grateful grateful always and live your life to the fullest and don't forget to be happy!(:

Oh, hey! I also received lovely blog award from Suki Pooki. She has beautiful and sweet blog. you have to check out her here. Thanks so much tea girl! (She likes a cup of tea by the way xp)

Well, the award always came along with the rules:
1.) Link back to the person who passed you the award
2.) Share 7 random things about yourself
3.) Award 15 blogs
4.) Drop them a note and tell them about it

But in case you get bored about 7 things of me, then I should write down about 7 blogs of you that I love(:
She's my 'first' blogger friend I think. She always kindly replies the comment she receives. It makes me know her better and quickly be friend with her. Bibi's Blog contain her daily life, a bit like mine but sometimes she adds cute drawing to visualize what she talks about. She's totally friendly, you wont regret to know her(;

Amber! She's a fashionable girl. Nuff said! She posts about her daily life+her outfit photographs by her husband. I like her style. Sweet look like cardigans, natural color tights, wooden bag, mary jane shoes kinda things. She also has a beautiful little dog!!

She's a beauty products goddess. I love her reviews and all of her beauty products and her make up. To look her blog makes me want to add my beauty collection. Really! But what makes me close to her is because we both love Korea, Kpop, Kdramas. hohooo.. So, if you love makeups, Kpop, head to her blog, right now!

When the first time I dropped by to her blog, I think the girl appearance is really lovable and sweet because her blog layout and her post make me assume this. lol. Then, my assumption indeed true. She's sweet and her post always reminds me of sweet things.

I found the blog about a week ago, and I really really really adore her photography talents. Her pics are all breathtaking. I love the cropping, the sharpness, the color. Everything is just puuurrfeect. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

This physics student really know how to play with fashion. Her knowledge about fashion is no need to be doubt. Her reviews about fashion are sometimes like pop up from the magazine. Not only that, she's so kind and caring too(:

I don't know, but I always enjoy to look her post and pics. She usually buy some unique snacks I never knew xp I like her blog layout personalized and design by her too. She's totally creative. I got some music reference from the blog, because she mostly insert the a song title under her post. Awesome!


  1. Amazing photo's, non-fake and artistics.

    I have to say that I'm glad I'm living the normal life and not the richy people life. I disgust some of those people, how ignorant, arrogant they can be. Maybe I have watched to much of MTV 'Sweet 16' tv show :P some of these spoiled kids deserve a reality slap.

    Living in a normal world with normal people, normal behaviour made me realize how lucky I am. Materialsm can't support everything.


  2. OHHHH THANKS for featuring me btw!! :D
    Thank you aswell!


  3. So sweet of you, mentioning me ^^ I think the first blogger friend I ever made was you too! *high five!*

    I think it's normal we always want more than we have. But we should never forget where we came from. And sometimes I long for the simple life more than the rich and complex life. No expensive gadgets, no designer clothes... it would make life so much purer...

    Btw, I love love love your pictures! You're so gifted! Especially the close ups from those kids (like the second photo) grabbed my attention.
    ... Makes me want to get my camera and practise taking people-shots.

  4. awh cute photos :3 and congrats on the tag i love black and white :)

  5. That's just the sad truth... Everyone just wants to live a glamorous life, not being aware of the fact that there are miserable people out there... *sighs* And hey you got some amazing skillz there! Amazing pictures ;A;

    Btw, thanks for passing the award to me! I did not expect it, really. I was reading your recommended blogs then when I scrolled down, I saw my name, hihi. Thank you! You made my day <3

  6. Wow! Those photos are amazing! I need to get better at taking photography. LoL.

  7. well miss princess you are too sweet! Thank you for your kind words. I love these photos, there is a lot of emotion behind each one, well done!

  8. i love the black and white pictures! the kids are so cute.

    thank you so much for the award! :3 it's really sweet of you to remember and pass it on to me. i really appreciate it! ^o^

  9. Great photos! It reminds me of how it is here also in the Philippines coz we have a lot of poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

  10. Ah, yes, I also miss the Muppets. Why do I not have tv here in Leuven? I'm sure they still air them somewhere... Haha, I still move my ass and dance along with the good old rock and roll :P But I kind of like all sorts of music (except for the monotonous/bass-only kind, that just hurts my ears).
    I haven't gotten around to taking a lot of pictures lately. So cooped up with work *cries* But I hope there will be time to shoot some pictures when summer break is here.
    How is life for you Joan? Everything good at work?

  11. Such a meaningful post.. I liked the images <3

    Thanks for tagging me sweetie!! <3<3<3

  12. So sorry to hear about that :S Have you asked for what they think of your work? How much longer will you still be working for WWF? (you are still working for WWF, aren't you?)

    I even waste my time youtube-ing when I'm supposed to be working. Bad student...
    I've never heard of Erec Rex! *sigh* I'm so behind on reading for fun (,_,)

  13. I like Harry Potter ^^ (Bibi's dorky side revealed)

  14. really good photography that captures the right moments. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us :)

  15. Did I? *checks back* I did... Guess I needed some time to get back in the fantasy mood :3 Maybe I was in denial? lol
    Truth is, one day I can really love a particular genre, and the other day I'm so tired of it...

  16. Those are some intense photos! I love them! ^^

  17. wow! I love your photos! amazing! <3 <3

    it’s true that we often forget to b thankful of what we have~ ~ =) thx for reminding us <3 <3

    also thx for the suggestion for my blog~ I am planning to change the header soon~ so it would be more matchy hahaha ~

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  18. These photos are so close and real that I can actually feel Im there. I love the black and white contrast, it really accentuates the message and I love how individualistic the "portrait" shots look too!

    Wah thanks for putting me on your blog! I've yet to do my tag of "through the years by you"! But I promise I will get it done once my final on Saturday is over, its my hardest one yet and the closest one, sigh I wish I was better at remembering dates! Oh and yes I do love a cup of tea, in fact I just had one the other day =D hope all is going well!

  19. These photos are wonderful, so full of life!

    Congrats on the blog award dear xx

  20. Aww thank you for the mention Joan! <3 Haha I would hardly consider myself a "beauty products goddess" though - I've got a long way to go still! :P

    And I think that was a great assignment that your class received. It's a real eye opener to see first hand how privileged we all really are when compared to others who live in poverty. We should all learn to be grateful for what we already have. And your photos came out beautifully - I think the black and white shots really add to the effect of the images :)

  21. Oh wow. I just came across your blog now. These shots are just beautiful. I am normally taking photos of fashion but this is great. I love that you have highlight that these kids aren't as lucky as we are but have make them look beautiful in these shots. Congrats.


  22. this was beautiful <3
    you're definitely right... we should all be grateful with our lives and appreciate what we already have!
    your pictures are great btw x

  23. wow insert blush here :$ thanks for the nomination cutie! i dont always use a film cam (though in a perfect world, i prob would!) because the equipment's pretty expensive. film has become more of an art form because film isnt at all convenient compared to digital. def face your fears and go into the darkroom one day! the experience is SUPER rewarding!! anwyays keep in touch, thanks for the love! muah!
    ♡, Rosa T.

  24. welllll, me too. i sometimes have that unhealthy behavior too. but thanks to this kind of project from my uni, that we have to do service project to a school or orphanage (like teaching moral to them, teaching english, or anything) and afterwards we usually give them souvenirs/packages, seeing their super happy faces make me realize, that never envy on others again. i have to be grateful that i am in a well condition in living.

  25. What a meaningful assignment! I enjoyed looking at your photographs in this posts. What powerful expressions, such deep feelings in those soulful eyes. What emotive “language”the pictures speak without a single use for words. I really like the way you capture every nuance of the underprivileged people. The black and white certainly adds to the effect.


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