Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Can't I Follow Blogs?

G uys! I have major problem! I can't follow blogs anymore. Can you tell me what's wrong?T^T

If GFC has limit numbers for following, What can I do to stop following few blogs (I realized that few blogs weren't being activated anymore)

I can't click the "follow this blog" button ):

This dialog appears when I click "more options"

If someone knows what the hell is going on, please please tell me how to fix it. Thanks!


The problem has been solved! Thanks to Bibi((:


  1. Hey hun! If you want to stop following inactive blogs, you go to your dashboard, scroll down until you see "manage", click that, then search for the blog you want to stop following, click "settings" and then click "stop following this site" or "unjoin this site" (depending on how you were following it).

    After some research I've found there's a limit of 300 blogs you can follow. If you do want to read more, you can import them on your Google Reader. You're not really following them (like on the followers box) but it keeps you updated on new and old posts.

  2. Really? I keep finding 300... But you're welcome! ^^

  3. congrats! lol. you can follow blogs now. yey! :D

  4. I didn't know tit could be possible!
    i have to remember what Bibi wrote...


  5. I was about to say that I really have no idea how to solve that but thanks to Bibi!lol ^^ I never thought that the limit for following blogs is only 300! o_O

    And that's really great! Problem solved! Congratulations~

  6. i used to have this problem too. glad you found a solution to the problem! :)

  7. looks like you have gotten your answer already. :) Hope your Tuesday is going swell.

  8. I never knew that! haha glad you were able to solve the problem :)

  9. Yay! You got the problem fixed! =D thanks so much for the sweet comments on the nude lipstick! I still think it looks super nude but I like it (odd haha) but my mom says it makes me look like Im dead! T_T Have you tried afternoon tea? You seem to really love looking at the photos and should definitely try it out one day!!! I've been waiting for a sunny day to do the tag you've tagged me in but the rainy clouds just don't want to grant my wish T_T super sorry for the delay, I wish I knew how to use the scanner properly lol

  10. Thanks to Bibi - this is very helpful!

  11. I just wanna say I'm going to add you on my blog roll! hahaha :D

  12. clear your cache and cookies, it will solve your probs, anyway, I got a blue blue roomy too ^^

  13. Here is the solution: Being able to follow more than 300 blogs works fine if they have a GFC widget on their sidebar. You will see that the problem is actually only happening when you manually try to enter a blog url from your dashboard or when they don't have a GFC box. That is why you get the limit because you are doing it manually. If you follow blogs through the actual GFC widget on their blog you won't have a limit. I am following way more than 300 blogs this way. Hope that helps:)



  14. I am having a similar problem. I am a new blogger and am trying to follow blogs and it keeps saying this:

    We're sorry...

    We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later.

    It's been doing this for days. I do not know what is going on but any help would be great.

    Thanks Starla



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