Monday, May 13, 2013

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

I am a monolids eye girl. I have a very squinty eyes that make people always say to me to wake up (sigh). Why am I telling you this? It because has a correlation with the product I need in this post. An eye primer. 

Because I have monolids, my eye makeup usually smudging after few moments application. That really sucks. I look like a ghost and look haven't been sleeping for days.

So, I browse about tutorials for monolids. Anyway, my research came with the conclusion that I need something to stick whatever I put in my lids and make them stay there. Finally, I ended up finding the famous product named Urban Decay Eye Primer. I was so thrilled and curious about UD Eye Primer. Too bad, there were still not so many online shops provide this US product at that time (I know there are lots online shops that sell UD now).

That reason, I bought this Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer.

What is eye primer exactly? 
Let's begins with the primer itself.

"A cosmetic primer is a cream or lotion applied before another cosmetic to improve coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on the face." (source: wikipedia)

This also applies for eye lids. 

Actually, this eye primer is not only useful to make the cosmetic stays last on the skin, it also makes the color of the cosmetic (like eyeshadow) to visible even more.

The swatch: 
Above is eyeshadow, and bottom is the eye primer.

Then, how to use the eye primer?

It's so simple. Just daub the eye primer on your lids, after it gets dry (which is pretty quick) put the eye cosmetics you want. 

See, eyeshadow application with eye primer is more visible and thicker.

Above are proved pictures that eye primer doesn't make my eye makeup smudge easily. I took the pictures after I wear makeup for half day, under the sunny super hot weather.
My pencil eyeliner does stay there without smudging all over lids. yeyy!^^

So, what do you think about eye primer? Do you think you need it?


  1. thanks for sharing. i love etude house products!

    ive been your follower for a while. hope u follow back <3


  2. the only thing down side of this product is that dry quickly

  3. Oh looks like a really nice product sweetie!
    Many I´ll try with this product.


  4. looks nice! thanks for sharing this! :)
    drop by my blog too? :3


  5. It doesn't work on me..too bad :(


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