Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where are the Music??

Music Music Music.... Where are you all?? I think years 2010 is the lamest year for the good music. I've been searching searching and searching for the music that can accompany my lonely days, but I couldn't find some, just a few. aaaarrggghhh...!! I'm an easily get bored person. So I need something new as soon as possible. I like the new stuff, and my ears want to hear the new music too! So, I'll keep searching it.

Back when I was a new kid on the block, a.k.a new university student, the music that really suits in my ears are so easily to get. I've got many many music folders in my computer. Every week, I just listened for the new music and different artists. It was so much fun! I never get bored when I was in front of my computer, sitting while I did my tasks.

Aahh.. I think I probably should have my own record deal..hahaa.. I must be the greatest thing ever. I'll never get bored, but nobody will buy my records..xp Such a lame thought! I really NEED a lot of new music!!! *sigh......

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