Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Today Experience

Today, I went to WWF Indonesia office at Mega Kuningan. I used to go there alone (I visit them twice), but, yesterday was accompanied by my friend. She wanted to buy Parenthood DVD in Mall Ambassador (near WWF office), because the last CD that she brought cannot be played.
So, me and my friend went there by busway. We stopped at Harmony shelter (as usual), then we made it to Dukuh Atas. After the Dukuh Atas, I forgot which shelter I have to stop. Then, I asked the man and a woman who work in the shelter. He said that I had to stop at Patra Kuningan shelter, but the woman said that I had to stop in GOR Sumantri shelter. I was totally forgot which shelter I used to stop by.

Then, because we arrived in GOR Sumatri before Patra Kuningan, so I stopped there. And, as we could know, I was lost. I was wrong. It was not the right shelter. Then we took another busway (in the same route) and stopped at Depkes shelter. But we got wrong again. hahaa... So we took another busway, and then finally stopped at Patra Kuningan. Yeaa..we made it!!

So I finished my thing in WWF, then we went to Mall Ambassador by Shutter Bus. It was my first experienced to go with Shutter Bus in Mega Kuningan area. Me and my friend just kinda got lost around the chic, mature and intellegent working adults. I said to my friend that we were the office girl. LoL..

After Mall Ambassador, we went to ITC Kuningan because the DVD wasn't there, at Mall Ambassador. That's the end of my journey today..I hope that I'll never get the wrong busway shelter anymore..:)

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