Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2nd Giveaway from blogger Evita Nuh

Here is a good news from Evita Nuh (JellyJellybeans) and this is about her second giveaway and the gift is to win a The Teen VOGUE Handbook!

So, grab the giveaway fast before 1st August 2010 guys!!

I think that you all gonna be jouyful to have this book in your hands:)



  1. Hi, good luck for the giveaway =)

    Anyway, thank you for following me back.. I'm sorry, my blog was error before, so you cannot leave any comment.

    But I've already fix the error :)

    It's a pleasure for me if you want to comment in my blog ♥

    Pinkie Angia

  2. O yea, that's why I couldn't make any comments yesterday..:)


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