Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Dream House~Ma maison de rêve

I said in the header, in the title, in the address that I'm a dreamy Princess. But, I never posted about my dreams in this blog. So, I wanna share about my dream house first.

And these are some pictures of the some houses which I love the design so much!

First, is the entrance. I always wonder what it's like to live in a castle and to be a Royal Princess. But, this house seems very fantasy like. So, forget it!

Second, is the garage. Well, it's so modern and high tech. Really do not suitable for the house which looks like a castle. But I love this thing! Wish I can have it:)

Then, in the garden, I have to have this little house. This is a house for dogs. Guess this is belong to Paris?

Then, I would love to have a garden house. I could spare so so many time here when I get bored..Isn't it lovely?><

The side house! another modern look xD

And, the essential room that every house should have is a bedroom. I have two kinds of room designs that I like. Minimalism and country style.

This one is the room in the beach house. I love the color!!!!

My dream since I was a little girl! Must have thing in my future room xDD

I think this is more suitable for my future daughter

Ooohhh... And don't forget about the closet! I really really eagerly want to have a walking closet. Just for me! and my outfits.. Look! the mini me want to get dress:)

This is my working area. I shoud have my own private desk to do all of my things right?:D

I really hope that I will have a view like this in my house someday!!

Please, please don't blame me for asking this super expensive thing in my house. Can't help it!!!

(photos via The Architecture Blog, Maluna, and the other blogs)


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